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About Blue Sky Studios
Blue Sky Studios is a CGI animation film studio currently based in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is also the studio behind the successful Ice Age and Rio films. Below is a self-description of themselves;

... We are so much more than an animation studio, we're a community. You're just as likely to find us agonizing over a single detail in a shot as you are to see us out together for someone's birthday on a Friday night. Producing incredible computer animated films requires talent and commitment, but it also requires camaraderie. That's why our workplace is so full of fun perks, a creative environment and of course, a never-ending supply of coffee. Seriously, there is never too much coffee.

Although I don't love coffee as much as them as I prefer dark chocolates, I couldn't agree more with them that you must also be one of the most patient humans on earth in making movies as great things never come easy. The art of filmmaking is truly sophisticated.

PS. I must confess,  Rio (2011) is the animated film that made me actually started to notice film credits and animation studios. No words could express how I captivated I was. Not that I don't watch animation before, in fact, I grew up watching animation amongst other films but was not that aware and now I appreciate animation more than ever!

What I like about this studio
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