My Theatrical Kindergarten

Currently I am attending an acting course by The Actor's Studio Academy @ KLPAC. I have wanted to blog about this since last week but I did not as my post lacks contents to actually write something up. I also feel that I have not attended enough to give a review about this academy and centre but overall, I am over the moon because that is something that I have always loved and longed!

The·at·ri·cal ; 
connected with the theatre and of, for, or relating to acting, actors, or the theater.

Kin·der·gar·ten ; 
a school or class that prepares children for first grade.

As for the post title, I enjoyed the course so much that it feels like I am in kindergarten as I am only doing what I like there! So far nothing dead serious by the course yet since it's just approaching week two. Not sure how it'll turn out sooner or later but I would recognize this place my theatrical kindergarten because this is where I have my very first acting lesson!! *playtime*

Will blog about my lessons when I can!


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