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When the world needed a hero, they called a villain.

Comments on Movie: Despicable Me 2 (2013)
"The filmmakers so clearly love working on these characters — Gru's yellow, mutant-elf Minions in particular — their creative joy is infectious." - Tom Russo, The Boston Globe.

"Heartfelt and hilarious, smart and silly, action-packed but never violent, Despicable Me 2 is that rare sequel that outshines its beginnings." - James Rocchi, MSN.

"How do you tell a story about a bad guy who is no longer a bad guy? Despicable Me 2 embraces the dilemma and adds new ones." - Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News.

"The film is a happy mix of ideas and action fleshed out by colour and humour. It's lovable but not too cute with its offbeat ideas, while the Minions' musical rendition of YMCA (in gibberish) is simply too funny". - Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile. 

"This sequel also reveals more antics of their characters and minion mischief, where we'll be able to observe their true selves throughout the film and they are all so hilarious! Most of all, there are also plenty of moments that made me go aww!" - Rosalyn Lim.


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Despicable Me 2 (2013) at a glance
Despicable Me 2 (2013) a comedy adventure film directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. It is the sequel to Despicable Me (2010). Grossing over USD 970 million worldwide, it is the fourth highest-grossing animated feature of all time.

Despicable Me 2 (2013) Synopsis
Gru and his minions are recruited to trounce an evil supervillain in this hilarious sequel to the hit animation. Last time we met shiny-domed, pointy-nosed, spindly-legged megalomaniac Gru, he was tamed by a trio of adorable orphan girls. But Gru's life of happy domesticity as an adoptive father isn't going to last.

Gru is abducted by Lucy Wilde of the Anti-Villain League and whisked to the organisation's HQ in her cool underwater car. Here the League's supremo, Silas Ramsbottom, explains that Gru's detailed knowledge of the evil mind is needed to help defeat a sinister new supervillain named Eduardo. What's more, he'll get to play with lots of great new gadgets and weapons! Expect to see plenty more of Gru's scene-stealing little yellow minions too!

Movie Review: Despicable Me 2 (2013)
Gru, Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Despicable Me 2 (2013) is about the ex-supervillain Gru, who has already denounced his evil deeds to become a loving father of three adopted girls. He is currently adjusting to his new family life and attempts to be a legitimate business man which is in fact, admirable.

Lucy kidnaps the minions.

However, Anti-Villain League approached kidnapped him and later, put him back in action (as a spy though) because they believe that he would be helpful in solving a crime as Gru should know how a villain thinks and acts.

Minions celebrating!

Nonetheless, this sequel also reveals more antics of their characters and minion mischief, where we'll be able to observe their true selves throughout the film and they are all so hilarious!

Fairy Gru and Princess Agnes.

In brief, this is most likely my favorite 2013 American animated film even though there are a couple more that I haven't watch. I watched this film on theatres last year; it is fun, adorable and it lift up my mood! Some of the scenes are epic and funny; I certainly have had a good laugh watching this film and most of all, there are also plenty of moments that made me go aww!

Minion in maid dress.

I'm definitely anticipating their upcoming films!

Movie Ratings
Will write a page regarding this and add this to all animated feature entries in the future.

Who will like this?
If you liked the first Despicable Me film, you'd find yourselves liking this film too. Most audiences would be amused at the character's antics and the plot twists; it is really a fun and adorable film to watch. And of course, minions fans would love this film to death!

Like I have mentioned before, if you like gadgets and technologies, and are into comical ones, this film is really for you. There are several new weapons such as lipstick taser (I want one myself!), jelly gun, flamethrower and potentially one of the deadliest weapon of all, the PX-41 serum.

PS. I love this film but I just don't like "animal-testing" elements even if it means no real harm. T_T

Details of the movie
Director: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Producer: Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy
Story: Not sure.
Screenplay: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio
Cinematography: Not sure.
Music: Heitor Pereira, Pharrell Williams
Studio: Illumination Entertainment
Starring: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Elsie Fisher, Dana Gaier, Russell Brand
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy Adventure Family
Running time: 98 mins
Budget: USD 76,000,000  est.
Box office: USD 970,761,885 est.

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Despicable Me 2 (2013) Behind the Scenes

Favorite Movie Character
I know it's really you, Gru. I'm just pretending for the other kids.

Agnes is my favorite character in this franchise! Agnes is a friendly, innocent and imaginative girl, sometimes easily distracted but I am weak for cute thingsssss; she is cute and she also likes cute things especially pink, fluffy unicorns! Like Gru, I also wish that she would never grow any older! :<

Lastly, I am still not choosing any minions as my favorite character because there are tons of them. They have also received enough love and attention from around the world but maybe I'll choose one of the minions from the upcoming films. Let's hope they would "compete" for this. :D

Despicable Me 2 (2013) Movie Quotes
  1. Three weeks, and we're still no close to cracking this.
  2. This is the best party EVER!!!
  3. Oh, no! A dragon is approaching! Ahh!
  4. Fear not, for here come the valiant knights to save us!
  5. No! No! No! What do you mean she's not coming?! I have a backyard full of these little girls who are counting on the visit from the Fairy Princess!
  6. Listen! I do not want a refund! I want the Fairy Princess! Please, please, I'm begging you!
  7. You know what? I hope you can sleep at night, you crusher of little girls' dreams!
  8. Wait, did you hear that? It sounded like the twinkling sounds of magical fairy dust.
  9. It's the Fairy Princess, She's coming!
  10. It is I, GruTinkerbell! The most magical Fairy Princess of all! I am here to wish Princess Agnes, A very happy birthday!
  11. How come you're so fat?
  12. Because my house is made of candy! And sometimes, I eat instead of facing my problems!
  13. Okay, time for cake!
  14. Thank you, GruTinkerbell! You're the best Fairy Princess ever!
  15. I know it's really you, Gru. I'm just pretending for the other kids.
  16. I'm sorry, I did not see you there. Or there.
  17. You know you really should announce your weapons after you fire them, Mr. Gru. For example, lipstick taser! Oh, it works so good.
  18. Quack! Quack!
  19. I apologize for our methods in getting you here.
  20. I don't! I'd do it again in a heartbeat! I am not gonna lie, I enjoyed that. Every second of it, gave me bit of a buzz, actually.
  21. We are the Anti-Villain League. An ultra secret organization dedicated to fighting crime on a global scale. Rob a bank, we're not interested. Kill someone, not our deal. But you want to melt the polar ice caps, or vaporize Mount Fuji, or even, steal the moon. Then, we notice.
  22. First of all, you got no proof that I did that. 
  23. Second, after I did do that, I put it back.
  24. Bottom. Heeheeheehee.
  25. Um, recently an entire top secret lab disappeared from the Arctic Circle. Yeah, the entire lab. Just whoosh. Voom! Gone. Where did it go?
  26. I don’t care.
  27. Hmm, you usually don't see that in bunnies.
  28. As you can see, in the wrong hands, the PX-41 serum could be the most devastating weapon on earth.
  29. Precisely. And we believe that one of these shop owners is a master criminal. And that's where you come in. As an ex-villain, you know how a villain thinks, how a villain acts.
  30. Okay, I see where this is going, with all the Mission Impossible stuff, but no. No! I am a father now. And a legitimate businessman. I am developing a line of delicious jams and jellies.
  31. And here’s a tip--instead of tasing people and kidnapping them, maybe you should just give them a call! Good day, Mr. Sheepsbutt!
  32. Look, I probably shouldn't be saying this, but your work as a villain was kind of amazing, so if you ever want to get back to doing something awesome, give us a call.
  33. Mack-oh! Mack-oh! Mack-oh!
  34. So when ya goin' on your date?
  35. I'm not going on any date.
  36. Why not? Are you scared?
  37. Ewww! Gru touched Lisa! Gru touched Lisa!
  38. Lisa's got Grooties!
  39. Scared? Of what? Women?! No, that’s bonkers! I just-- I have no interest in going on a date, that’s all. Case closed. I’m not scared of women... or dates... let’s go to bed.
  40. Goodnight, Edith. Goodnight, Margo.
  41. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Well, hold the horses. Who are you texting?
  42. Is that a girl's name or a boy's name?
  43. Does it matter? 
  44. No, no, it doesn't matter... Unless it's a boy!
  45. I know what makes you a boy. Your bald head.
  46. It's really smooth. Sometimes I stare at it and imagine a little chick popping out. Peep peep peep.
  47. Goodnight, Agnes. Never get older.
  48. I developed a new formula which allowed me to get every known kind of berry into one flavor of jelly.
  49. Here, try some of this.
  50. Whoa... okay, just because everybody hates it doesn't mean it's not good.
  51. I miss being evil. Sinister plots, large-scale crimes...It's what I live for! I mean, don't you think there's more to our future than jelly?
  52. Um...the thing is, Gru... I've had an offer of employment elsewhere. It's a great opportunity for me, bigger lab, more evil, full dental...
  53. Very well. Let us give you the proper send-off. Minions!
  54. The highest honor awarded. To Dr. Nefario for your years of service. The twenty-one fart gun salute!
  55. Uh, I counted twenty-two.
  56. This may take a while. Go about your business. I miss you already!
  57. Hey, what celebrity do you look like?
  58. We're signing you up for online dating!
  59. It's time for you to get out there.
  60. Yes, I have been recruited by a top secret agency to go undercover and save the world! 
  61. You're gonna be a spy?! Awesome!
  62. That’s right, baby! Gru's back in the game! With gadgets and weapons and cool cars...the whole deal.
  63. Are you really gonna save the world?
  64. Alright, here is the cupcake recipe I got off the internet. And don't go nuts with the sprinkles!
  65. Ha! Yaa! Ho! Ooof! Zaaa! Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay! Whoo. Wasn't expecting that! Or was I?
  66. What you just saw there was a little something new I've been working on. It’s a combination of Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Aztec warfare, and krumping.
  67. Okay, that's weird; why are you here?
  68. I'm your new partner. Yay! 
  69. What?! No, no "yay." Ramsbottom didn't say anything about a partner.
  70. This is just gonna take un momento. I am throwing a big Cinco de Mayo party, and I am going to need two hundred of your best cupcakes decorated with the Mexican flag. 
  71. It looks something like this.
  72. He was ruthless. He was dangerous. And as the name implies, very macho.
  73. He had a reputation for pulling off heists using only his bare hands. 
  74. Ah, but sadly, like all the greats, El Macho was gone too soon.
  75. He died in the most macho way possible.
  76. Riding a shark with 250 pounds of dynamite strapped to his chest into the mouth of an active volcano. It was glorious.
  77. They never found the body. All that was ever retrieved was a pile of singed chest hair.
  78. But you said you’d help me practice my part for the Mother’s Day show!
  79. She kisses my boo-boos. She braids my hair. My mother is beyond compare. We love you, mothers, everywhere!
  80. Wow! That was...something else. I really liked the way you smiled at the end. 
  81. Let's try this one more time, but a teensy bit less like a zombie, okay?
  82. I don't think I should do this. I don't even have a mom.
  83. You mean I pretend I have a mom?
  84. Yeah! I do that all the time! Thanks, Gru!
  85. We're stealth ninjas. We make no sound.
  86. Oh. There's a chicken. Are you lost little guy? You must be lost!
  87. Maybe you can find something with these x-ray goggles.
  88. Oh, that's an image I'll never get out of my brain. Blagh!
  89. Oh... somebody's going to die tonight.
  90. What'd they do to you? Pollito? Can you hear me?
  91. Who would do this to such a sweet little chicken? What? Who's there?
  92. You coming out?! Or am I gonna go in?!
  93. Gelato! Gelato! Gelato!
  94. Well, we thought we'd come visit you at work.
  95. So, you're saving the world in a garbage can?
  96. Are you single?
  97. Here is some money. Go buy some useless mall junk!
  98. Are you gonna marry Lucy?
  99. You love her, you love her, you really really love her, and you're gonna get married, and I will be the flower girl!
  100. Almost forgot! Hugs! 
  101. Good luck saving the world. Bye!
  102. Those girls totally adore you. I bet you're a fun dad
  103. Is that stealing?
  104. Not if my wish was that I would get a lot of free coins.
  105. I was just going to get a cookie. Care to join me?
  106. Can I be the first to say ... Ewwww!
  107. We gotta go tell Gru!
  108. When someone moves into the mall who is follically challenged, I make it my business to know all about them. You are bald. And that is bad.
  109. I take it you’re an art lover?
  110. Here you are! Look at me! Focus! I promise that this wig will transform you from ugly to irresistible.
  111. Margo has a boyfriend and they're going on a date!
  112. My dream is to one day play video games for a living.
  113. Me llama-lama-ding-dong, who cares. Let's go.
  114. Si! Look at this crazy small world we live in, eh? Come, sit, let me get you something.
  115. That is a pity. Young love is beautiful, no?
  116. No! You know, they’re not in love. They hardly know each other!
  117. You are right, Cabeza de Huevo! They must get to know each other better. Antonio, why don’t you invite your girlfriend and her family to our Cinco de Mayo party?
  118. Yes, but there has been a new development, and I'm telling you, this is the guy. You need to arrest him immediately. And his deviously charming son. I'm pretty sure that the son is involved, too. The son also. You've got to get the son.
  119. I think that the son is the mastermind. There’s a look. There’s a devilish look in his eyes and I don’t like it!
  120. Lock him up! Lock up the son.
  121. Alright, we need to revisit the number of vacation days you guys get. I can't find anybody anymore!
  122. Gru's not here! He just told me!
  123. He's putting on lipstick! He's swatting at flies! He's...chopping his head off! He's...pooping?
  124. I know you're in there, Gru! There's no way you’re getting out of this!
  125. Oh, so do you work out? I mean, obviously, you don't, but would you consider it? Huh? Physical fitness is very important to Shannon. As you can tell, right? Huh? Solid.
  126. We are in a restaurant, you know.
  127. Your accent is so exotic. I know someone who can fix that for you. And you'll be talking normal in no time.
  128. Wow, looks like your date's out for the count. It's like she’s been shot with a mild moose tranquilizer.
  129. Yeah, I'm winking 'cuz that's what actually happened.
  130. 'Scusi, whassa happenin' here? She no like?
  131. Well, I think you did it. You just officially had the worst date ever.
  132. Don't worry--it can only get better from here, right? But if it doesn't, you can always borrow my dart gun. I've had to use it on one or two dates myself.
  133. Oh, and uh, just between you and me? You look much better bald.
  134. Yeah, it's just a memento. Just, you know, from the first time we met.
  135. I brought you an umbrella.
  136. Is there anything I can do to help? Well, is there anything you could do?
  137. Hello, Lucy. This is Gru. I know up to this point our relationship has been strictly professional, and you're leaving for Australia and all, but... Okay, here is the question. Would you like t-to go out on a date?
  138. Okay, that's not helping.
  139. Beedo! Beedo! Beedo! Beedo!
  140. Compai! (Kanpai!)
  141. Okay. Let's party. Ah? But first let's go over the rules. Because what is fun without the rules?
  142. Agnes, easy on the churros.
  143. Edith, try not to kill anyone.
  144. There must be the standard six feet of space between you and boys. Especially this boy.
  145. You are a funny man. There are no rules, Señor! It’s Cinco De Mayo!
  146. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriba!
  147. Oh, nothing. Nothing is wrong. I'm just chilling with the guac...from my chip hat.
  148. Gru, please. I know that look all too well. It is the look of a broken heart.
  149. Believe me, my friend, I too have spent many nights trying to drown my sorrows in guacamole.
  150. Yes. But we are survivors. There's much more to us than meets the eye. Enjoy the party.
  151. I really need you to make a choice, hon.
  152. I choose Gru. I CHOOSE GRU!
  153. Together! I have admired your work for years, amigo. Stealing the moon?! Are you kidding?! We would be unstoppable! Men like you, men like me, we should be ruling the world! So, are you in?
  154. You know what? I am not so convinced that he is in.
  155. I hate boys.
  156. Yes...they stink. Sorry, honey, we've got to go.
  157. Oh, I don't know. I mean close... I wouldn't say we were close. Why, did he say we were close? Did he say that?
  158. Behold, the antidote! Come on. Let's finally put this horrible jelly to some good use.
  159. I put an antidote in the jelly. I mean, I'm happy to create an evil army to destroy the world, but nobody messes with my family.
  160. You brought the girls?
  161. Eat jelly, you purple freaks!
  162. Don't worry about me, Gru! I'll be fine. I have survived lots worse than this. Okay, that's not entirely true. I'm actually kind of freaking out up here!
  163. I really hate that chicken.
  164. Is there a red one? It's usually the red one.
  165. 147 dates later...

Minions - Underwear (I Swear) Lyrics:
Ah lapoda.
tala ki ma tol li na.
laba dee po chi la no chaaa.
Wu blana ki liji fupapu se la nanee.
la ka re li rei wee Gil lih byaaaaa
la ko reh
la pa kreh le gua ri de la keh
la ga di libe da eligwa
la gua reh
le sho li eh tu
a ke li i tu
le aho li du le ga so le ala
La amo dee underwear


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