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He's going to the wildest, most magical place on earth ... home.

Comments on Movie: Rio (2011)
"Rio is a charming and understated little environmentally conscious film that doesn't try too hard to entertain us and instead relies on its wiles and quirks to get to the finish line and for that it deserves a chance from fans of animal epics." - Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed.

"Using all the vibrant colors and lively music of Brazil, Rio dances its way toward becoming Blue Sky's best effort to date, and the industry's gold standard. It may be but a kids' movie, but it's a fun ride." - Neil Miller, Film School Rejects.

"This is simply a film that both kids and parents can enjoy together, which, according to the consensuses for other recent kids' films, hasn't happened for awhile, so my advice would be to take advantage of it." - Jeff Beck,

"There's lots of color, some gorgeous animation, a running beat of lively (if not always memorable) music and the energy of lovely tropical birds in flight. The rest is formula..." - Sean Axmaker,

"Rio (2011) is beautiful, meaningful and everything nice. This is the best and most awesome production from Blue Sky Studios!" - Rosalyn Lim.

Adventure Comedy Family Musical Rio 3D Animation Animated Feature Rosalyn's Favorite

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Rio (2011) at a glance
Rio (2011) is a 3D musical, comedy-adventure animated feature from Blue Sky Studios, directed by Carlos Saldanha. Ever since he was a little boy, the director has dreamed of making a movie about his home country Brazil and with the release of Rio, that dream became a vibrant, colorful reality. This film sets in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and features Blu, the 15-years domesticated and flight-challenged Spix's Macaw who has adopted humanistic way of life.

Rio (2011) Synopsis
Blu is a happily domesticated Macaw that can’t fly. His safe world is turned upside down when he and his best friend Linda discover they must travel all the way to Brazil to save his species. But it's far from love at first sight between the domesticated and flight-challenged Blu and the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel. Unexpectedly thrown together, they embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they learn about friendship, love, courage, and being open to life's many wonders. The carnival creates a spectacular backdrop to this heartwarming story about learning to fly by listening to the rhythm of your heart.

Movie Review: Rio (2011)
Blu and Linda.

After reviewing and rewatching most of Blue Sky Studios films recently, I would say this is the best and most awesome production from Blue Sky Studios! This is also the film that made me began to pay attention to animation studios and appreciate them several years ago, and now, despite all my busy schedules and life pursuits, I am blogging about animated features and animation studios!

Rafael and the chained lovebirds.

Rio (2011) is beautiful, meaningful and everything nice. The storyline, music and graphics are very impressive. Not only those, the film is also witty, hilarious and fun; for instance Blu (a domesticated and modernised bird), is as modernised as we humans do, to the extend that he can't live in the wild anymore so it is funny to watch his antics and adventures in Rio.

Pedro and Nico.

The visuals is also quite realistic and the animation is certainly stunning, human or animals, each are beautifully designed and everyone can dance! In addition to its marvelous character designs, the voice actors and actresses did a very good job as well which makes all the characters so likeable, from the villains to the main and supporting characters!

The film ends with one of the most touching ending scenes.

When I watch this film in theatres when it was first released, the moment the film ends, there were a mix of happiness and sadness. I remembered this fact because I wrote about this film before. I was "Happy because everyone especially Blu and Jewel have a happy ending; Sad because in real life, Spix's macaws are critically endangered or even possibly extinct in the wild!!!".

Túlio and Linda.

I also mentioned that this was my favorite 3D film my whole life in 2011 and guess what? This still remains as a truth after 3 years! This is still one of my favorite 3D animated feature even though I've watched (and rewatched) plenty of animations these recent years!

That's how charming Rio (2011) is so you must watch if you haven't! ><

The Carnival - It's the biggest party in the world!

PS. This film allows us to explore Brazilian culture and it actually made me wanna go Rio someday! I must join The Carnival at least once in my lifetime; that is what I thought over three years ago and I still haven't been there although I have visited several places after. -.- *Someday!*

Movie Ratings
Will write a page regarding this and add this to all animated feature entries in the future.

Who will like this?
This film makes a great family film and public service announcement (PSA) film about illegal bird catching/smuggling. It is effortlessly enjoyable by many and animal lovers would certainly love this as there are plenty of adorable animals aside from exotic birds such as dog and monkeys!

Also, if you want to see Brazil from an animation perspective, I guess this film works too!

Details of the movie
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Producer: Bruce Anderson, John C. Donkin
Story: Carlos Saldanha, Earl Richey, Jones Todd Jones
Screenplay: Don Rhymer, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Sam Harper
Cinematography: Not sure.
Music: John Powell
Studio: Blue Sky Studios
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Jemaine Clement, George Lopez,, Jamie Foxx
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Adventure Comedy Family Musical
Running time: 96 mins
Budget: USD 90,000,000 est.
Box office: USD 484,635,760 est.

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Rio (2011) Behind the Scenes
These are Rio (2011)'s the making of, interviews and featurettes!

Favorite Movie Character
I promised I'll always look out for you.

There is not a character that I dislike in this film, it is pretty difficult to choose but I'll name Linda Gunderson as my favorite character! This is because she treats Blu as a companion, her best friend for life! She would do anything for Blu and she sincerely loves him, you should see how angry and heartbroken she was when she lost Blu but fortunately, they were reunited in the end. Linda also owns a bookstore so I assume she has similar likes as I do, such as animals, books and brains! Don't get me wrong, Linda is not a zombie. I meant she has said that she is "attracted to brains more than fancy feathers" which is also so me, so..I like her. /blush

Rio (2011) Movie Quotes
Thanks to Springfieldx2 for the movie transcript.
  1. It's okay, it's okay. I'll take care of you.
  2. You know these vitamins are good for you.
  3. What's this? Gotcha.
  4. Mom, they don't have kennels for parrots.
  5. Here's your hot chocolate, Blu. Just how you like it.
  6. Because I don't trust leaving Blu with just anyone.
  7. This is the life. The perfect marshmallow to cocoa ratio. One, two, three, four, five...six!
  8. Very funny, real mature.
  9. Hey Pet, where are you migrating to this year?
  10. Throw all the snow balls you want. I'm protected by this magical force field, called "glass". It's what keep us so toasty and warm in here, while you guys are out there freezing your...
  11. Oh, are you looking for some books?
  12. I introduced myself and shook my tail feathers, counter-clockwise, thus referring to his dominance.
  13. Look, I know you're doing your job. But... well, Blu's very particular... And we have our little routine here and we're not big on travel. Heck, he doesn't even fly.
  14. Don't worry, their natural instincts always take over.
  15. It was very nice of you to step in, squawk around and throw my bird, but now it is time for you to go.
  16. Hah, I'll show him. I can do this. I just have to work out the physics. 
  17. I promised I'll always look out for you. Didn't I? Have I ever broken a promise? 
  18. I'm scared too. But I wouldn't make you do this if it wasn't the right thing to do. What do you say Blu?
  19. That's my big brave boy. We will be back home before we even know it.
  20. It's the biggest party in the world. You know a time to have fun and dance.
  21. Is she a performer?
  22. Come tomorrow night, everyone will be dressed like that.
  23. Oh, no, this is just SPF3000.
  24. Actually I'm just here to meet a girl.
  25. Little word of advice. You make the first move. Brazilian women respond to confidence.
  26. Yes, it's all about swagger. You've got to pop out that chest, swing that tail, eyes narrowed look like some kind of crazy love hawk.
  27. No, guys really, I'm fine. The cage is great. Love the cage.
  28. Don't forget, love hawk.
  29. I'm their great big mama bird.
  30. Many of the birds here were rescued from smugglers. Unfortunately, the poor birds are often hurt. or even killed in the process. But with proper care, they can be saved.
  31. Charming. Okay, I want to go home now.
  32. Help! Help! Let me out of here!
  33. She's beautiful. What were they talking about? She's... like an angel. An angel whose getting really close up!
  34. What you want me to. But just for argument sake, what are you doing?
  35. Wait, wait. Did you actually think we were going to kiss?
  36. Lionel Richie. Works every time.
  37. Excuse me! Please, I'm trying to sleep. 
  38. I'm sorry sleepy head, I'm trying to escape.
  39. Oh, what was I thinking? I wouldn't expect a pet to understand.
  40. For the record, I am not a pet. I am a companion.
  41. Tomorrow morning Linda will come for me, and this whole nightmare will be over.
  42. IncrediblE, you rather be with a human than with your own kind. 
  43. Well, that human has given me love and affection for the past 15 years, whereas my own kind tries to strangle me after 15 seconds.
  44. It's nice of you to join me for dinner. I often eat alone because of my work.
  45. I thought I was the bird nerd until I met you.
  46. I'm a Blue Macaw kind of gal.
  47. Actually, it's the brains I'm attracted to. I'm not so impressed by fancy feathers.
  48. I know exactly, what you mean. My favorite bird is the spotted owl. I've always been mesmerized by those big, round intelligent eyes.
  49. Oh, Blu. We should have never left. This is all my fault.
  50. You're right, It's not my fault. It's your fault! With your little bird talk, and that whole... Well, you know what? Squawk squawking is squawk-squawk! 
  51. I am sorry. I didn't mean to curse.
  52. So let me get this straight. You were attacked by a little white bird. 
  53. Yes, with this rag he held it to my mouth, like this.
  54. Okay, there's no place like home, there's no place like home. How I wish I was back in my cage with my mirror and my swing and my little bell. How I miss my little bell.
  55. I don't need to play dead. I'm about to have a heart attack.
  56. That you are going to pay him half as much as what you said?
  57. No, you idiot. That he reminds me of myself when I was that age. Smart, resourceful.
  58. I thought I told you I needed these birds alive. Tell me, Fernando. Does this look alive to you?
  59. Hello, pretty bird. What's the matter? Cockatoo got your throat?
  60. Pretty bird. I'm a pretty bird, hahaha!
  61. I was framed. They got the wrong guy.
  62. But I don't have a Mama.
  63. Aww, can we keep him, boss?
  64. No-no, scissors cut rock.
  65. Oh man, how come you always win?
  66. I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to me.
  67. Look, pet cages might work for you but I don't want to belong to anyone.
  68. Oh, I know I'm not a pretty birdie. But I used to be quite a looker.
  69. Sweet nightmares.
  70. Not cool man. Scary, but not cool!
  71. Actually our survival guide said to sit and wait, and help will come. 
  72. No one is coming! We are on our own and if we just sit here, we're going to die!
  73. Why don't you just open the door?
  74. I can't fly!
  75. It didn't matter before now.
  76. There is something else I need to know?
  77. I can't fly, I pick my beak and once in a while I pee in the bird bath.
  78. Flying may not be my thing, but walking is. Follow my lead.
  79. Woff! Woff! See, I'm bilingual too.
  80. Actually, there are 40 species of flightless birds.
  81. Is that a spider on my back?
  82. It's just a leaf. Turn around.
  83. You know when people say it's a jungle out there, I'm sure they don't mean it as a good thing.
  84. Hey, don't talk to me about nature. I watch Animal Planet. I know all about the food chain. You see, out here I'm just a hors d'oeuvre. Nothing more than a feathery spring roll. 
  85. That is why we stay on the trees and not on the ground.
  86. I'll feel much more comfortable in something man-made.
  87. Who's dragging who's butt now, huh?
  88. Birds, birds need flying. Flying is... freedom and not having to rely on anyone. Don't you want that?
  89. I'm probably going to be up for a little while. Because I'm still on Minnesota's time.
  90. Excuse me, have you seen my bird?
  91. I have to trust him. I don't have a choice.
  92. They out smart us boss.
  93. What are you going to do? Wander in the city, calling "Here birdie-birdie, here birdie!"
  94. Well, anything sounds dumb when you say it like that.
  95. But it's Carnival. All the roads will be blocked by the parade.
  96. This bird is ten times smarter than the two of you combined.
  97. If he's so smart why don't you put him in charge?
  98. Stop suggesting things!
  99. Look, lets just get this chain broken.
  100. Once this chain is off, I'm going back to being free in the jungle.
  101. I think something is watching us. 
  102. Oh, be careful Blu. They might snuggle you to death.
  103. Seventeen of them and one on the way.
  104. We're more like 'chained-together' birds.
  105. Lucky for you, you know Rafael, and Rafael knows everyone.
  106. Okay, you want me to call your mother?
  107. Works every time. They are scared to death of her.
  108. You and your amigos just want to sneak off to Carnival.
  109. That magical time when I met the most beautiful bird in the world. I still remember the song that was playing when I first laid eyes on you.
  110. I guess love is deaf too.
  111. I'll miss you, my juicy little mango. 
  112. Oh me too. My pouchy papaya.
  113. What an adorable monkey.
  114. That's a fair question. Let's discuss it.
  115. I certainly see your point. But what could I possibly do for you in return? 
  116. Save me, save me! 
  117. Oh, that's a thought. This is enough? I don't want to feel like I'm cheating you. 
  118. We'll do it, we'll do it. Save me, please. Save me! 
  119. Alright, you twisted my wing. Deal.
  120. You'll spread out and find these Macaws by the end of the day. Or it's flying lessons for everyone!
  121. Go do your monkey business.
  122. All right, that's the spirit.
  123. Actually that was pretty much my entire plan.
  124. Don't worry Blu. It's in your DNA. And if our featherless friends can do it, how hard can it be?
  125. This doesn't seem aerodynamically possible. 
  126. You think too much. Flying is not what you think up here (mind). It's what you feel in here (heart). 
  127. When you feel the rhythm of your heart, it's like samba.
  128. See what you've been missing?
  129. I would love to go five minutes without getting killed. Is that too much to ask?
  130. For a bird who can't fly, yes.
  131. Hey kid, where did you get this bike?
  132. I traded it for your jeep.
  133. Where have you been hiding yourself bird? I thought you were dead.
  134. Come on love birds, you are in Rio. You should enjoy it. Live a little.
  135. Some party, huh? This is the coolest place I've ever seen. Despite all the RVS health code violations. 
  136. I like you. Nothing you say makes any sense.
  137. Lets show them some love because I don't think they get out very much.
  138. Come on, can we all get along?
  139. You mess with my friend, you mess with me! And us!
  140. Yes, little King Kong. I don't know what's going on here. Birds vs. Monkeys!
  141. Bird man, we threw down! Yes, we threw down. You guys were like fire and ice. Thunder and lightning. Hip and hop. 
  142. Cheese and sprinkles. It's a Minnesota thing.
  143. You see, nothing you say makes any sense.
  144. I didn't want to hurt anybody. I just needed the money.
  145. I just wanted to see if you have any work for me.
  146. Oh. A float! So you guys are going to the parade. Can I come? I'm a great dancer.
  147. Three is better than two.
  148. They said you were very nice.
  149. Never send a monkey to do a bird's job.
  150. Is it hot? I think I'm sweating. I don't think it was even biologically possible.
  151. I'm on it. I know how to set the mood.
  152. Pedro, Pedro, a little too aggressively. I'm not hating on your creativity, but I think I've got this one. Follow my lead.
  153. I have beautiful eyes.
  154. I guess things like these don't happen in Tiny-sota.
  155. I could have rip your throats out. But I didn't. But I could have.
  156. You got something against dogs? 
  157. I do when they're drooling on me.
  158. It's a medical condition.
  159. She's mean, brother.
  160. Now if something goes wrong, scream really loud. Because i can't hear too good with this thing on.
  161. Try not to move. I can't really see out of this thing either.
  162. I know just how you feel. Watching them up there, makes you want to chase them, grab them in your mouth and bite their heads off. I'm just kidding, bro. Chasing them is plenty. 
  163. I'm flying, just like a bird. 
  164. Jewel, but you are a bird.
  165. Look Jewel, I can't spend my life walking around following you wherever you're going.
  166. I can be honest. I don't belong here. In fact, I never wanted to come here in the first place.
  167. Make the mean bird take it back.
  168. You belong together! You're Juliet, Blu is Romeo. Sure, they both die in the end but you get my point! 
  169. Young love, always so melodramatic.
  170. I'm ready for Carnival! Who wants to ride on my...fruit? They left without me. I've missed out.
  171. I thought you loved Carnival.
  172. I do, but I love my family much more. And that's a choice I made with this (heart), and not with this (mind).
  173. I look ridiculous, don't I?
  174. Linda, you gotta shake your tushy!
  175. Hot dog coming through.
  176. That float is a crime in itself.
  177. I got three of the roughest, meanest, craziest birds in all of Rio right behind me.
  178. Love, it's such a powerful and stupid thing.
  179. I don't know how I got up here, but I'm never coming down!
  180. Here, let me see. Don't worry, I'll take care of you. 
  181. That's my big brave boy.

Nigel's Song - Pretty Bird
Lights Camera Action
I was striking suave,
Ambitious, feet to beak.
So birdi-licious.
Now I'm vile,
I am villainous, and vicious.
Oh, and malicious

I had it all, a TV show, women too
I was tall, over one foot two
Then they got a pretty parakeet to fill my shoes
That's why I am so evil
Why I do what I do

He was a superstar
So young and vital
He's nasty
A South American idol
He's a suspicious bird
Who said that about me?
A very vicious bird
I'll have you rotisseried!

I'm a feathery freak
With a beak
A bird murderer
You think you're badder than me?
I've never heard of ya
I'm evil
I'll fill your cheese balls with weevils
I poop on people and I blame it on seagulls
It was him

He's a nasty bird
I'm invincible
He's ghastly
I'm unminceable
I'm unwashable
Like an abandoned school
I have no principle

All of you Brazilian birds
All 80 million birds
I'll tell you what I'm going to do
I'm going to make you
Shut up now. Shut up! It's just me.
I will make you ugly, too...


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