Mid July's Update

I have decided that my blog will continue mostly post about animated feature films and will maintain that for a long time. If you do check my posts, there are nearly 700 animated feature films listed in my personal movie marathon and that total will only increase as time goes. ><

I know I have been updating slow in a slightly irregular manner at an average of two animated feature posts per week. I could write fast and update daily if I have the time but I don't :< I always feel time-deprived because of my many life pursuits but I always do my best for everything that I am passionate of so rather than simply posting for the sake of update, I take my time to post.

My posts are not perfect and it is in fact very general because I do not thoroughly write or comment on technical things that every filmmakers should know but still, I do spent a lot of time on writing each posts and paid plenty of attention to details!

Current Contents of the Film Entries: Movie Poster, Trailer, Synopsis, Comments, Personal Thoughts, Who will like it, Movie Details, Official Website, Behind the Scenes, Favorite Character, Movie Quotes.

For the record, I have already watched most of the films listed, majority more than once. Some of these films I have even watched more than 10 times or perhaps nearly a hundred times during my childhood but which it is? You'll find out someday if you keep reading and for this blog, I rewatch these films at least once again before I write on the film entry that is. 

I also try to read up on them beforehand. Searching for movie posters, film critics'/movie reviewers' comments, reading the script for movie quotes and a legit screenplay is about 100 pages, etc, so yeah, I take at least 3 hours on writing each post and that's a decent amount of time consumed. It usually takes longer as I am always occupied, always stopped writing halfway then continue at a later time lol.

Anyway, it's been two months now and I am kind of pleased with my blog. I prioritise my film contents since the creation of this blog so please don't mind my existing blog design! Will try to beautify it and make it more presentable when I can. ^^"

As of writing, this blog has;
16 Animated Feature Entries
24 Animation Studio Entries
1 Invitation to Premiere Screening
73 Facebook Likes
3632 unique visitors
4667 pageviews

Although majority of you don't leave a note or even say hi, I am happy that you guys visited. Apparently one of the top visitors' country is Russia... so огромное спасибо!! 

Thank you so much for supporting my blog in every little ways everyone, really appreciate it!!

I will be "spamming" Studio Ghibli films entries from 20th July 2014 onwards and I am also thinking of giveaways (Totoro Plushie?) so stay tune!! Take care!!


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