Worldwide Giveaway #1 - I love Studio Ghibli

I love Studio Ghibli, what about you?

Hello everyone, this is the first worldwide giveaway on my blog for fellow film lovers!
Anyone can join, no matter where you are originated from!

To participate
1. Like Rosalyn's Blog facebook page.

2. Comment this facebook post with your favorite Studio Ghibli film & why you love them.

3. Share the giveaway photo any where you like when you're done and include these tags:
      #StudioGhibli #Giveaway #RosalynBlog

4. Winners will be announced on 25th August 2014.

Important Note:
If you shared the photo on Instagram, please mention your username on the facebook post.
You can read about the giveaway FAQ here.

The Prize
Totoro with leaf plush x 2

That is exactly how the Totoro plushies look like, took this photo myself.
It is about 20cm tall and its fluffy, suitable for 37months above. ^_~

I bought them online and only giving away two as I am not sure how many would participate.

I know there have been confusing and heartbreaking rumors about Studio Ghibli but I have this giveaway thing on my mind since last month so I shall not delay more and I hope you all liked it. ><

Good luck and be expressive!

PS. Originally this event intends to celebrate Studio Ghibli's 30th anniversary in advance.

Official Website

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