September's Update

Hello everyone >< I just wanted to share that I've been actively involved with productions. Although I am quite busy irl (might be posting in irregular manner and responding a little late if you guys sent or shared anything), I won't let it affect my film blog! ♥

I've also joined Moviepilot recently and I quite like the site so my movie reviews will also be made available there from now on. Need some time to settle things down but join me there alright? 

Rosalyn's Moviepilot Account

A-and a big THANK YOU for all of your supports!

Today as of writing, this blog has; 
31 Animated Feature Entries
23 Animation Studio Entries
4 Invitation to Premiere Screenings
1 Invitation to Blogger Event
1 Worldwide Giveaway
110 Facebook Likes
6,904 unique visitors
8,865 pageviews

Most of you are from (in alphabetical order) Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States!! Really, thank you so much for supporting my film blog in every little ways everyone, really really appreciate it!!

My film blog is about 4 months old now and the experience has been pleasant! 
Will start posting on Laika films and more interesting stuffs coming soon! Take care!


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