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Thailand is a charming country with charming people and culture! I have only visited the country twice my whole life as of writing but I love them especially the friendly people and delicious Thai food!!

Okay, let's go straight to the most important point - this means I am not an expert about Thailand but I know and am sure their films are interesting just like their people, culture and language!! 

So, for these reasons, I am exploring Thai animated features and will share with you all this October!! 

Mermaid in The Adventure of Sudsakorn (1979)

Here's a short history of Thai animation; it is said that the Thai animation began after World War II when artist Sanae Klaikluen was asked by the Thai government to make a short animated cartoon that instruct Thai citizens to follow a certain dress code. 

An assumption, the first animated feature originated from the country is The Adventure of Sudsakorn (1979) which is also the only traditional animated feature ever made in Thailand. The Cinema of Thailand is about one century old; they do have a strong Film & TV industry with many popular local films and TV dramas but there are not much animated features out there. Most of them are released locally and never dubbed in English except Khan Kluay (2006)! 

A-and, The Life of Buddha (2007) is one of the very few animated feature films about Buddhism. It is produced by a Thai businesswoman named Wallapa Phimtong. The film is released in celebration of The Royal Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 80th birthday and it is self-financed so she could distribute free copies to schools nationwide! Isn't that noble?!

PS. Can't provide movie quotes and can't cover all titles though; have no access to some of these films!

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The Adventure of Sudsakorn (1979)
Khan Kluay (2006)
The Life of Buddha (2007)
Nak (2008)
Khan Kluay 2 (2009)
Yak: The Giant King (2012)
Echo Planet (2012)
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