As Halloween Draws Near

Hello everyone, how are you? I sincerely hope everyone's well and here's a short update for this film blog! I know I have been a little slow on update; I have been occupied with my real life pursuits and I am also posting on Moviepilot as well so my apologies for those who are waiting for my updates. ;(

The thing is, I am forever time deprived BUT I will never abandon my film blog no matter what! ♥
In fact, I'll do my best to post more frequently next month onwards as I have planned the following! ;)

October - Thai Movie Marathon has ended. Tonight onwards, Halloween Movie Marathon!
November - Non mainstream movies, anime movies and the much delayed second Worldwide Giveaway.
December - Pokémon Marathon & Pokémon Worldwide Giveaways!!

** There might be changes if there's unexpected circumstances or personal schedules.
** Will write/update About Me and other pages. 
** Will try to beautify the blog and facebook page but fingers crossed. 
** I'll be doing Disney movies (and the rest too) from 2015.

So... I will write several movies great for Halloween next, one tonight, my timezone!! 
Stay tune for more animated features!! Thanks for the all the unconditional support!!


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