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Thai title: ก้านกล้วย2
Other title: 小战象2, Jumbo Gajah Biru

Comments on Movie: Khan Kluay 2 (2009)
"A recollection of the days when elephant flourishes the land. Hopefully there's Khan Kluay 3 because if there is, I daresay I would fly to Thailand just to catch it on theatre!" - Rosalyn Lim.

There are not much reviews on this movie!

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Khan Kluay 2 (2009) at a glance
Khan Kluay 2 (2009) is an animated feature directed by Taweelap Srivuthivong. Animated by Kantana Animation Studios, it is the sequel to award winning film Khan Kluay (2006). Following the lives of Khan Kluay the noble royal elephant, the film sets during the Burmese-Siamese War.

Khan Kluay 2 (2009) Synopsis
After the end of the renowned elephant battle, the brave and successful Khan Kluay became the royal elephant for King Naresuan The Great. Chaba Kaew, the royal elephant's beloved wife has an untold secret. She is now pregnant and returns to Hin How Village to deliver the baby. Unexpectedly the Hongsawadee troops intruded and destroyed the village, capturing all the villagers including Khan Kluay's family. He must now choose between saving the lives of his loved ones and abandon his military responsibilities or stay to fight for his country and lose his loved ones forever.

Movie Review: Khan Kluay 2 (2009)
Queen Suphankanlaya and Chaba Kaew.

Khan Kluay 2 (2009) is a recollection of the days when elephant flourishes the land. Elephants are not only large in size, they were also large in numbers before. That was centuries ago where they live in harmony and fight side by side with the human race. If films can be labelled with color and taste, I would say this film would be grey and bittersweet. Grey because it is depressing that most existing species of elephants are endangered today...bittersweet, well, do I really have to explain this? 

Khan Kluay and Chaba Kaew.

This film is undeniably patriotic, where loving your nation and protecting its citizen is implied as a crucial duty. However, it is also sweet as there are plenty of scenes that strongly values blood ties and friendship above everything else which are honorable. Thus, the spirit of the family love in this film is no less of the characters' patriotism as towards the end, it teaches us that it is equally important to protect our own family (and others even if we are not related at all) as well. Life is indeed priceless.

Ton Aor and Kor Kaew

In this sequel, the storyline and designs are much refined. Also just like before but much improved, the beautiful Thai animations are both adorable and majestic. There are a lot of aerial views of ancient Thailand and I find most of the characters gorgeous; I would certainly want to watch more of them on screen! 

Khan Kluay's signature kick!

Do not know how to express this but I really, really, love Khan Kluay films. I love the beautifully animated elephants, they are the most beautiful animated elephants I've seen; love the historical adaptation, of the people and war living in that era and I definitely love the fact that I am able to watch Thai culture, animated.

Hopefully there's Khan Kluay 3 because if there is, I daresay I would fly to Thailand just to catch it on theatre! *Pray pray pray, I hope there is, and, no schedule clash please*

PS. Thai Animated Movie Marathon has ended, for now.

Movie Ratings
Will write a page regarding this and add this to all animated feature entries in the future.

Who will like this?
This film will appeal to those who love Thai history and those who are fond of elephants!

PS. This is a war film, but much adorable one!

Details of the movie
Director: Taweelap Srivuthivong
Producer: Auchara Kijkanjanas
Story: Charoonporn Parapakpralai, Pornsawan Sribeenveng, Taweelap Srivuthivong, Auchara Kijkanakanas, Aummaraporn Pramdintong
Screenplay: Charoonporn Parapakpralai, Aummaraporn Phadintong
Cinematography: Not sure.
Music: Chatchai Pongprapaphan
Studio: Kantana Animation Studio
Starring: Attaporn Theemakorn, Anne Thongprasom, Varut Waratham, Montree Janeaksorn
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Kantana Group, Sahamongkol Film International
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Genre: Adventure Family War
Running time: 95 mins
Budget: Not sure.
Box office: USD 2,400,000 est.

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Khan Kluay 2 (2009) Behind the Scenes

Favorite Movie Character
Thai princess, Burmese queen.

Siamese Princess Suphankanlaya is my favorite character from this film! (I even go and read about her just to know about her, lol!) Although she is just a minor character in Khan Kluay 2 (2009), she is truly a symbol of national assertiveness and self-sacrifice!

I love how calm she is while she is facing issues and she certainly thinks for her people, she is not afraid of death at all! She is also a loving mother, she understands and tries to save Chaba Kaew and her twins and she would rather be hold captive to just stay with her son! Ultimately, she only wishes that her sacrifice can help Ayutthayan captives to be freed even if it'd cost her her life! 

Khan Kluay 2 (2009) Movie Quotes
Not complete but here are some! ^^
  1. Art is long, Life is short. Silpa Bhirasri. (Ars longa, vita brevis).
  2. The welfare of the people is a men's duty.
  3. Born to be warrior, bred to protect our nation.
  4. The greater good must come first. 
  5. Love your child and partner, care with all your heart. Dedicate your life to your family.
  6. Things that are close still seem far apart.
  7. I am married to Khan Kluay the elephant, not Khan Kluay the Lord Defeater of Hongsa!
  8. Do you ever care about me or wonder how do I feel? Even now you have no idea that we are expecting a child. 
  9. You never had time to listen to me.
  10. You make me and your father proud.
  11. What if I had a heart attack? 
  12. I ask that the lives of this mother and twins be spared for me. Don't cause any more bad karma than you already have.
  13. If we made it, you guys have to call me big brother, okay?
  14. Don't be afraid, we outnumber him! Let's fight!
  15. Didn't uncle Khan Kluay told us to stay here?
  16. I think we can help even though we are just children! We can't wait for help!
  17. Which mother can have the heart to leave their children behind?
  18. Don't worry about me, go rescue the king's elephant and free as many captives as you can.
  19. Ton Aor, Koh Kaew. I'm here, don't be afraid.
  20. I must be spending too much time with elephant, my face is starting to look like one.
  21. The blood of Ayutthaya will never become the blood of Hongsa. 
  22. Please don't harm my son. If you must punish someone, then please punish me!
  23. That's not his face.
  24. If we must leave, we leave together. I will never leave you behind anymore.
  25. No way, I am a lady!
  26. I don't have any parents.
  27. Then, you are just like us! 
  28. Why can't Ayutthaya elephants be friends with Hongsa elephants?
  29. Are you coming with us or I have to call your big bother?
  30. I am just kidding about that. I rather be your friend. 
  31. Come with us, big brother!
  32. That's an order, understand?
  33. They are treating us like little children again. 
  34. Did you hear? Our children called me daddy.
  35. Lord Elephant, the Ayutthayan army was victorious again due to your sacrifice. You never run away from your punishment, you returned to take responsibility of your actions. With all these good deeds, I reinstate you as Lord Defeater of Hongsa, my Royal Elephant just as before!


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