Who Said What To Whom Quizzes

Dear all, if you have noticed, I've added Quiz to the film blog in addition to the film blog's new look. The quizzes will be hosted through my Moviepilot account and it is considered as my new side project. Most of all, it is an effort to keep you all movie lovers entertained. ;) ♥

For now for the quizzes, I plan to create for fun ones such as Which Character Are You and Who Said What To Whom. So far though, I have only released WSWTW which is inspired/conceived by my personal quotes collection and compilation, lol. 

Anyway, this post is also a short notice. Will update soon, hectic schedule my apologies. Upcoming stuffs; Penguins of Madagascar (2014) entry is on its way, December month is Pokémon Movie Marathon (20 22 entries) and Pokémon Giveaway (Teaser will be shared soon!)

If you have any movie requests or quizzes requests, feel free to contact me.
Stay tune on my film blog or facebook for more. ♥


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