Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001)

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Japanese title: 劇場版ポケットモンスター セレビィ 時を越えた遭遇
(Gekijōban Poketto Monsutā Serebyi Toki o Koeta Deai)

Other titles: 史利比穿梭時空的相遇, 雪拉比穿梭時空的相遇,
Покемон Навсегда: Селеби - Голос леса, 세레비, 시간을 초월한 만남, 
Pokémon Por Siempre: Celebi - La Voz del Bosque, 
Pokémon 4 - Die Zeitlose Begegnung, Célébi, la voix de la forêt.

Comments on Movie: Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001)
"Fans should have fun meeting a brand-new Pokémon called Celebi." - Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News.

"Attempts to be a good children's film by putting in lessons about teamwork and friendship." - Haro Online.

"Coherent self-contained plot, endearing Pokemon character, and realistic portrayal of Pokemon mortality" - Andrew K., Earn This.

"This movie is odd in that it has quite a bit of good along with a lot of bad." - Hlín, The Cave of Dragonflies.

"Lovely and the time-travelling concept is absolutely clever!" - Rosalyn Lim.


Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) Trailer

Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) at a glance
Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) also known as Pokémon 4ever is the fourth theatrical film by the Pokémon franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri. Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, it features two legendary Pokémon, the time travelling Celebi and Suicune. 

Featured legendary Pokémon, Suicune and Celebi.

Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) Synopsis
In order to escape a greedy Pokémon hunter, Celebi must use the last of its energy to travel through time to the present day. Celebi brings along Sammy, a boy who had been trying to protect it. Along with Ash, Pikachu, and the rest of the gang, Sammy and Celebi encounter an enemy far more advanced than the hunter. This new enemy possesses a Pokéball called a "Dark Ball," which transforms the Pokemon it captures into evil and far stronger creatures. When Celebi is captured, the fate of the entire forest is threatened. Let Pokémon 4ever transport you to a world of adventure as ash, suicune and the rest take action to save the day!

Movie Review: Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001)
Celebi's Shrine

Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) has an interesting friendship and time travelling story. If you love Pokémon and also happen to enjoy time travelling stories, it is quite certain that you may like this one!
Ash, Sammy and Celebi.

In this one, the movie narrator finally introduce the characters and Pokémon Universe in brief. Its plot is also not as rush as before and it is a little more like the TV anime series which is good. Most of all, there are plenty of adorable forest Pokémon which is lovely and the time-travelling concept is absolutely clever!

Saving injured Celebi.

Unfortunately, I don't really like the 3D graphic incorporated into this film which I felt it is overly done. Overall, the forest is indeed beautiful but not until a 3D monster appears, which does not blend well with its surrounding. They also tried to let Ash to steal the spotlight even though this animated feature isn't about him so these are at least the two turn offs.

Celebi, Guardian of the Forest.

Nonetheless, Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) is quite sweet to watch and it is interesting. I didn't want to spoil it for you but if you haven't seen it I could only hint that it isn't predictable!

PS. The Pikachu Short, Pikachu's PikaBoo is the most adorable hide-and-seek ever!

Movie Ratings
Will write a page regarding this and add this to all animated feature entries in the future.

Who will like this?
Pokémon fans and those who love time travelling stories may like this one!

Details of the movie
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Producer: Yukako Matsusako, Takemoto Mori, Choji Yoshikawa
Story: Satoshi Tajiri
Screenplay: Hideki Sonoda
Cinematography: Hisao Shirai
Music: Shinji Miyazaki
Studio: OLM, Inc.
Starring: Rika Matsumoto, Ikue Ōtani, Mayumi Iizuka, Yūji Ueda, Megumi Hayashibara, Shin-ichiro Miki, Anne Suzuki, Shiro Sano, Kazuko Sugiyama
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Toho, Miramax Films, Studio Canal
Country: Japanese
Language: Japanese, English
Genre: Action Adventure Family
Running time: 75 mins
Budget: Not sure.
Box office: USD 28,023,563 est.

Official website(s)

All Pokémon Movies
OLM, Inc.
Rosalyn's Animated Movie Marathon

Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) Behind the Scenes

Favorite Movie Character
Sam, Sammy, Samuel.

Sam is my favorite character for this movie! Not much about him is known but he's a kind-hearted boy who genuinely love Pokémon! When he is older, he became the renowned Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak that we all know today!

Celebi: Voice of the Forest (2001) Movie Quotes
Special thanks to Springfieldx2 for the movie transcript!
  1. Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill.
  2. As close as your imagination exists a magical place where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true.
  3. It's the world of Pokémon. People can capture Pokémon to be more than just pets. Human trainers and their Pokémon compete against others in amazing contests of skill and strategy.
  4. The best trainers one day become Pokémon masters.
  5. That's a dream that burns brightly for many but none more so than Ash Ketchum.
  6. The pride of Pallet Town began his Pokémon journey on his tenth birthday.
  7. That's the day he qualified to become a Pokémon trainer.
  8. Professor Oak gave Ash his very first Pokéball. Inside was an electric Pokémon with whom Ash would spark a lifelong friendship, Pikachu.
  9. Together, Ash and Pikachu are determined to fulfill his dream of becoming the world's greatest Pokémon master.
  10. Joining them on their quest are Misty and yours truly, Brock in the incredible world of Pokémon.
  11. If you're going in, be careful.
  12. Don't forget. If you hear the Voice of the Forest, don't move a muscle.
  13. Don't tell me you haven't heard about it.
  14. No, I haven't. What's the Voice of the Forest?
  15. Well, it's only a legend but everyone around here believes it.
  16. They say there's a sound you can hear when the spirit that protects the forest is time-traveling.
  17. That's one of its special powers. It can go back and forth between the past and the future.
  18. So if you hear a weird sound, stop and stay completely still.
  19. If the spirit catches you, it could carry you off to a different time.
  20. Don't worry. I'll be careful.
  21. Take this. It's a loaf of bread I made that's full of berries from the forest. It might come in handy if you get hungry.
  22. Let it go! Two against one isn't fair!
  23. Celebi?
  24. Why should I hand it over? What do you want with it?
  25. I'm a Pokémon hunter, kid. I make good money off of rare Pokémon.
  26. First I catch 'em, then I auction 'em off to the highest bidders.
  27. Well, you're not gonna get your hands on this Pokémon!
  28. Could that be time-traveling?
  29. I'll tell you why I'm here.
  30. I'm here because I heard a story that you almost caught a Celebi, somewhere in this forest about 40 years ago, true?
  31. I'm still a Pokémon hunter! I'm not gonna tell you anything!
  32. Heh heh. We'll see about that.
  33. Allow me to demonstrate. The Pokémon I catch with the Dark Ball become evil Pokémon and their power instantly increases to the highest level.
  34. Come on out, Tyranitar! Hyper Beam Attack!
  35. No, please! It's gonna destroy everything!
  36. I'll show you! I'll show you the spot where I found that Celebi!
  37. Today we find our friends waiting for a ferry that will carry them to yet another Pokémon gym as they continue their Johto League journey.
  38. Brock and Misty are ready. The passengers are hurrying aboard and it's almost time for the boat to leave. But where are Ash and Pikachu?
  39. Well, if they don't come soon they're gonna miss the boat.
  40. My name's Dundee and I'm the best Pokémon trainer in the whole town.
  41. Well, my name's Ash and I'm a pretty good Pokémon trainer, too.
  42. Why don't you pick a Pokémon, and we can have a battle.
  43. A Croconaw, huh? Never battled one of those before.
  44. So, sounds like you're all pretty interested in Pokémon, huh?
  45. Hey, was that a Pokémon?
  46. Looked like one to me.
  47. You'll see the woods around here are full of them.
  48. A Suicune? What kind of Pokémon is that, Professor?
  49. It's one of the legendary Pokémon, Brock and not very much is known about it.
  50. And according to folk tales Suicune personifies the north wind and it's believed to have the power to purify tainted waters.
  51. Believe you me, kids. Those tales are definitely true.
  52. I wonder if I should've told him before he hung up.
  53. The quicker we get into that forest, the quicker we can look for those Pokémon. Maybe even that Suicune.
  54. Those twerps won't get away now. They're right beneath us.
  55. Of course, they're beneath us. They're twerps.
  56. Aah! You can't cramp! We'll crash!
  57. I love what I see here! My name's Brock and I'm studying to become a Pokémon breeder but my specialty is human relations.
  58. My name's Diana, and that's my grandma. She's been guarding the entrance to the forest since she was my age.
  59. Listen for The Voice of the Forest and if you hear it, stop and be still or you will not get away.
  60. Yes, it's a legend, and a true one.
  61. Diana, why don't you come, too, and protect us?
  62. Then she'd need protection from you.
  63. I wonder what that light was.
  64. What'd you do with that Celebi?
  65. Hey, I'm trying to help you!
  66. That's enough, you two. Knock it off.
  67. How did I get here?
  68. I carried you here on my back, that's how!
  69. We found him unconscious when we were out in the forest.
  70. I can't believe it. It's really you. You've come back. Oh, thank goodness!
  71. Uh, Grandma... where did he come back from?
  72. Diana, I've told you the story about what happened when I was a young girl. A little boy disappeared from the forest. But this boy can't be him.
  73. You're the girl who gave me the loaf of bread.
  74. I've kept this all these years in case you ever came back.
  75. This is my sketchbook!
  76. You've been away on a 40-year-long journey, young man.
  77. The legend says The Voice of the Forest can catch a person and take them on a trip through time.
  78. Was there a Pokémon with me in the forest?
  79. We know Celebi as The Voice of the Forest, the spirit that protects it. They say that Celebi can travel through time.
  80. You two must've been in danger and Celebi just picked the fastest way to get you out of it.
  81. It's must've escaped to the future and taken you along with it.
  82. I'm afraid you're right.
  83. Celebi lives deep in the forest in a place we call "The Lake of Life."
  84. That's probably where it's gone back to now.
  85. I've got a feeling Celebi still may be hurt.
  86. I have to go back into that forest and find Celebi.
  87. Hi, Pikachu. I'm Sam.
  88. Sam, maybe you should wait down with Brock and Misty.
  89. No. I have to find Celebi. I couldn't protect it before so I've gotta help it now. 
  90. I know how you feel, Sam, but take it easy.
  91. Ash climbs just like a Mankey.
  92. Hey! What'd you do that for? We're only trying to help you.
  93. I think Ash just evolved into a primate.
  94. Don't be mad at it. It's just afraid and it's hurt, too.
  95. A hunter attacked it. That's why it's scared.
  96. Celebi, we're your friends. We don't want to hurt you. We just want to help you.
  97. I tried to help you before. Don't you remember, Celebi? I got you away from the Pokémon hunter.
  98. You're safe with me, Celebi.
  99. Do you think they're gonna be OK?
  100. Unfortunately, yes.
  101. You twerps got lucky this time.
  102. They're always lucky.
  103. A Pokémon lover.
  104. He must be trying to steal our Pikachu away. Well, we won't let him!
  105. A Tyranitar but there's something funny about it.
  106. Look at that mask. I've seen him before.
  107. Yeah, wasn't he in that Mexican wrestling movie?
  108. No, Meowth, he's from Team Rocket.
  109. The lron Mask Marauder!
  110. So you heard about me.
  111. Oh, yes, we've heard a lot about you. As you can tell from the uniforms we're also members of Team Rocket.
  112. Me, too, but Pokémon get to go naked.
  113. Those kids aren't as wimpy as I thought they'd be. This makes things interesting.
  114. My knee's better. Thanks, Celebi!
  115. Sammy, it's the middle of the night.
  116. I know, but I can't sleep.
  117. When I meet a new Pokémon, I sketch them in this book.
  118. Can I take a look?
  119. Oh, these are amazing! This is like a handmade Pokédex.
  120. That's this machine that has pictures of Pokémon.
  121. I guess you know a lot about the future, huh, Ash? At least more than I do.
  122. I think I'll like living in the future but it'll take some getting used to.
  123. But then I think about my mother worrying about me and wondering where I am. And I wonder if she still wonders.
  124. Yeah, she worries, I guess. Maybe that's just what moms do.
  125. Thinking about my mom gets me thinking about her cooking.
  126. Diana's grandmother made this but that was about 40 years ago. Still looks pretty fresh, though.
  127. It's great! Tastes like it was made yesterday.
  128. Thought you'd gotten rid of us didn't you, twerps? But Team Rocket doesn't give up so easily!
  129. The sweet little Pokémon you used to know doesn't exist anymore.
  130. Here, see for yourself!
  131. With a Pokémon like you, no one will ever stop me!
  132. Do you think Jessie's going to be all right?
  133. Uh, excuse me, Mr. Masked Person... but could you let me out of here?
  134. Not yet. I need a witness who can report back to Giovanni. I want the head of Team Rocket to know just how powerful Celebi is and how powerful I am, too.
  135. I control the most powerful Pokémon in the world! Why would I want to give something that valuable to the boss?
  136. Now the boss has to be afraid of me because Celebi gives me the power to destroy him!
  137. With Celebi, I can rule Team Rocket and the whole world, if I want to!
  138. I'm alive, too, but just barely.
  139. Playtime is over, children.
  140. Celebi, you have to stop! You're supposed to protect the forest not destroy it!
  141. Celebi, we're not your enemies! We're trying to save you!
  142. Celebi, you brought me with you here to the future!
  143. Celebi, it's me. Don't you remember?
  144. The forest is hurt. The water's tainted. The lake is dying. But then-wait a second. Suicune has the power to make the water clean again.
  145. Suicune, if you clean the water, we can save Celebi.
  146. The legend's true. The north wind saved the lake.
  147. Celebi, the water's clean again.
  148. It isn't working.
  149. All right, then. We'll keep trying.
  150. See? These are those berries we found in the forest. Here you go.
  151. Celebi didn't do anything wrong. It was a human being who forced Celebi to destroy the forest. Celebi never even had a choice.
  152. I know that sound. The Voice of the Forest.
  153. The spirits of the future and the past can travel through time as well and so they've all come. They've must've sensed that their friend was in trouble. And now they're here to help.
  154. You tried to destroy our forest, mister and we don't take kindly to that kind of behavior.
  155. Uhh! This is all a mistake, a big misunderstanding!
  156. I think the Pokémon understand perfectly.
  157. Maybe we'll see you again someday.
  158. It looks like Celebi's getting ready to travel back in time and I think it wants to take you along, Sam.
  159. Can you really bring me back, Celebi?
  160. Looks like you're goin' home, Sam.
  161. Yeah, I guess so.
  162. Don't worry. It won't matter 'cause wherever you are, or whenever you are, we'll always be friends.
  163. Thank you, Ash. You're a great friend. Thank you all for everything. Maybe I'll see you again...someday!
  164. I know we will!
  165. I met this Pokémon trainer and we got to be friends. But I just don't think I'm ever gonna see him again. He decided to go back to where he came from, Professor. To another time.
  166. I wouldn't worry, Ash. True friendships can withstand the test of time and I have a feeling this one will. I'm sure you and Sammy will be friends forever.
  167. Thanks, Professor. I think so, too.
  168. How did Professor Oak know Sammy's name? We never mentioned it to him.
  169. Professor Oak's amazing! He knows everything!
  170. Hmm. It seems like it happened only yesterday. This is amazing.
  171. This wonderful water's washed away all my annoying aches and pains. I could just float along like this forever.
  172. Jessie, thank goodness you're safe.
  173. What took you so long? What have you been doing?
  174. We had to wait till it was safe.
  175. Looks like Team Rocket's floating away.


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