Pokémon Movie Marathon & Giveaway Teaser!

Pokémon Postcards

Hello December! 
Wow~ It's December now... So excited but also a little horrified, time flies so fast!! D; 

The film blog has been running for 6 months now, thanks for reading, partipating and all the oppoturnities, they are awesome and truly a great pleasure!!

So what's next? Pokémon Movie Marathon!
This will be the last marathon for 2014. I won't deny, I love Pokémon. Pokémon has been a part of my life since childhood and yours too, I would like to believe.

Although I have only played the first few generation games, *Don't have my own 3ds, just collecting Pokémon plushies now><* I have been watching and anticipating the movies every year ever since I saw the first one and I believe I would still do so for many years to come!

I am now working on them, plans post one entry everyday from 8th-29th December!

Read more about the studio behind the movies and anime here!

Worldwide Giveaway #3 Teaser
For the upcoming giveaway, I'll be giving away Eight Beautiful Pokémon Postcards!

Eeveelution Postcards x2
Fire Starters Pokémon Postcards x2
Water Starters Pokémon Postcards x2
Leaf Starters Pokémon Postcards x2


All these super kawaii Eeveelution and Pokémon starters fan art from ALL generations are drawn by and made into postcards by Circus Usagi-san!! These merchandises are only available at Anime Festival Asia 2014 in Singapore this weekend ♥

Short story: We both share the same love for Pokémon so the Pokémon Movie Marathon, artwork and giveaway are a small tribute to all other Pokémon fans!! 

PS. At this moment Circus Usagi-san is still preparing all the merchandises for AFA2014 by herself!! Ganbattekudasai ♥

Worldwide Giveaway #3 Info
The worldwide giveaway info will be released on 7th December 2014;
Mark your calendar fellow Pokéfans ^_^ 

Stalk all her amazing artworks at

Stay tune!!! 


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