The Legend of Thunder! (2001)

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Japanese title: ポケットモンスタークリスタル・ライコウ 雷の伝説
(Poketto Monsutā Kurisutaru ・Raikou Kaminari no Densetsu)

Other titles: 雷公 雷的傳說, 
Il Leggendario Pokémon Tuono, A Lenda do Trovão!

Comments on The Legend of Thunder! (2001)
"Great character introduction and interactions, interesting themes and hilarious comedy." - Hlín, The Cave of Dragonflies. 

"Hundred percent Generation II Pokémon and it is easy to love the characters, story and visuals!" - Rosalyn Lim.

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The Legend of Thunder! (2001) Preview

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The Legend of Thunder! (2001) at a glance
The Legend of Thunder! (2001) is Pokémon's second TV special, a Pokémon Crystal movie. Featuring the legendary Pokémon Raikou, it also features different human protagonists for the first time. The second Pokémon television film is directed by Masamitsu Hidaka.

The Legend of Thunder! (2001) Synopsis
On his Pokémon Journey, Jimmy meets his old friend, Marina, at a Pokémon Center. The two of them, later teaming up with Vincent, discover and attempt to foil an attempt by Hun and Attila to steal Raikou.

Movie Review: The Legend of Thunder! (2001)
Jimmy and his Thyplosion.

The Legend of Thunder! (2001) is indeed a special one. It is much more entertaining compared to the previous films due to the fact that it is lively and refreshing. With endearing and legendary Pokémon making their appearance in this television film, it is fun to watch. It will also certainly be appealing to those who yearn for a change as it has introduced different human protagonists for the first time!

Pokémon Crystal Team.

Unfortunately, many Pokémon fans have uttered that the English dubbed version is terrible as its flaws are unacceptable and it is heavily edited. While it is true that its overall experience can be different compared to the original Japanese version, I would still say that this is one of the most satisfying Pokémon films!


Those who have played Pokémon Crystal, Gold and Silver titles or read the Pokémon manga series before may find this nostalgic as The Legend of Thunder! (2001) is hundred percent Generation II Pokémon. Their main characters even the Pokémon are mostly based on characters that are exclusive for the first time from the aforementioned games and the sight of Raikou here is absolutely amazing as it is mythical.

Marine's Misdreavus, Little Miss.

So, is The Legend of Thunder! (2001) worth watching? Certainly yes, especially the original version. Too bad it is not made into a TV anime series, as it is easy to love the characters, story and visuals... it would make a great spin-off anime series!

PS. I love this one and The Legend of Thunder (2001) is one of my favorite now!

Movie Ratings
Will write a page regarding this and add this to all animated feature entries in the future.

Who will like this?
Pokémon fans. Especially those who loved the second generation and those who hated Ash because there is no sight or mentions of Ash in this one, lol.

(I am neutral with Ash, just being a little straightforward here hehe)

Details of the movie
Director: Masamitsu Hidaka
Producer: Not sure.
Story: Satoshi Tajiri
Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Cinematography: Not sure.
Music: Morikazu Aoki, Tsuyoshi Ichinose, Junichi Masuda
Studio: OLM, Inc.
Starring: Kenji Nojima, Kazusa Murai, Daisuke Sakaguchi
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Toho
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English
Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy
Running time: 60 mins
Budget: Not sure.
Box office: Not sure.

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The Legend of Thunder! (2001) Behind the Scenes

Favorite Movie Character
Marina wants Raikou to escape without her.

My favorite characters from this movie are Marina, Little Miss and Jimmy's Thyplosion because they are lovely and optimistic. I will not write more for now because I think it'll spoil the movie but I can give a hint; I think Marine is the turning point for the Pokémon franchise as she is inspiring!

The Legend of Thunder! (2001) Movie Quotes
Compiled and typed these with my iphone ><
  1. Let's only use one Pokémon.
  2. That's fine with me, when I battle I like to go one on one, all or nothing.
  3. That's what you say now. But you know I don't think you are gonna to feel that way for long.
  4. We never lost to a solo match!
  5. How can it still be standing?
  6. The thing is, we only won half of our solo matches but we picked up a thing or two along the way.
  7. You rock, you rule!
  8. Some think that it doesn't even exist but it does.
  9. Living somewhere between the sky and the mountain tops, there is an extraordinary and wild creature known simply as Raikou.
  10. The brilliant part is that the crystal doesn't just capture power, it also attracts it by transmitting a charge that so irresistible that everything electrical is drawn to it. 
  11. Here you go, I am happy to tell you that all your Pokémon are fully recovered!
  12. I am so proud of you, you were really awesome today. You're not just getting stronger, you're getting smarter too!
  13. It was absolutely fabulous, darling. Correction, it wasn't just fabulous. It was fabulouso! 
  14. Hey, look what the Gengar* dragged in.
  15. Is that the Cyndaquil that Professor Elm gave you? So it became a Thyplosion.
  16. Wait, don't hang up.
  17. GTG, sweetpie. We will talk again soon.
  18. Lean in closer, I want to talk privately.
  19. So Jimmy, you should give me your Pokégear number!
  20. I am not so much of a telephone guy.
  21. Thyplosion, what are you laughing at!
  22. I think it's kind of sweet and kind of cute. 
  23. Since the last time we saw each other, I've got into as many Pokémon battle as I could. And every one I try to make into a grand performance! 
  24. You see, I want to make people happy. When they watch me, I want them to laugh and have fun. I guess making people happy makes me happy.
  25. Training Pokémon and becoming star is completely different things.
  26. That's what you think but I saw you're wrong and I'll battle you to prove it. What did you say?
  27. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Marina. Not only a great Pokémon trainer, but also a great singer and dancer!
  28. Just because we are old pals, don't think I'll go easy on Buzzy here.
  29. I expect nothing but your best.
  30. Jigglypuff, time to sing!
  31. Lots of dance lessons, not to mention endless hours of rehearsals. 
  32. Please, no more dancing. It's embarrassing to watch
  33. Why not? You are such a joker!
  34. We like to challenge ourselves cause that way we learn more.
  35. Little Mis! Return!
  36. Aren't legends are like made up stories or fairy tales or something.
  37. They say whenever there is Pokémon in trouble, this thing shows up and help them so why don't we make some troubles for these Pokémon.
  38. Gotcha Little Mis!
  39. This is like the contest game. Only here you win a prize every time!
  40. Raikou, the thunder Pokémon. It said it to have descended to Earth on a ball of lightning.
  41. Since this thing is legendary, after we catch it we will be legendary too.
  42. My suggestion is we will catch it first then we will worry about our reputations.
  43. Because it's been such a great day, I am going to give you a warning. Leave now or be destroyed.
  44. Sand puts out fire every time.
  45. Too bad guts won't get you out of this.
  46. You can trust me, Raikou. I promise.
  47. It is a danger that the Raikou would become withdrawn and depressed and not heal properly.
  48. You mean it's in captivity and all?
  49. I'll cheer it up! I'll sing Raikou a song!
  50. It's already Raikou. Nobody is going to hurt you here.
  51. Take a break. Lighten up, life is too short and glorious to be so depressed.
  52. You know what, I am glad we saved it.
  53. Young lady, no one is permitted to touch the cape.
  54. Raikou is a legendary Pokémon. And it's both unique and extraordinary.
  55. Well, Raikou answers to no one and it's both free and indepedent. Men has always try to capture that which they cannot possess. 
  56. When they see Raikou could control thunder and lightning, they are envious. They think if they catch it, they too will have this power so men has always hunted Raikou.
  57. That's why Raikou doesn't trust human. It believes that we are all the same and that we will bring it harm.
  58. I think Raikou can sense who its friends and enemies are. I trust Raikou and I think it trust me back.
  59. Raikou is wild. If it doesn't stay free it will perish!
  60. I don't know why you all tied up in a knot. We are just adding to our collection, it's no different to what you did to your flamethrower pal. 
  61. You don't run the world by being fair. You run the world by being nasty.
  62. It's wrong to hurt Pokémon. It's also wrong to use its power to hurt other people!
  63. Give me a break kid, we are just doing the same thing as all Pokémon trainers.
  64. You don't know Pokémon trainers at all. When we battle, we have respect for each other. When we battle, is to learn and get better. When we battle it's for the love of the contest, and not to steal the power of the noble legendary creature.
  65. We gonna stop you and we are not letting you take Raikou.
  66. Looks like we have silenced the naysayers.
  67. Alright Raikou. This is definitely a jump you can make but it's way too far for me so I'll stay here. Don't worry about me I'll be fine. Go, now!
  68. They took Marina. I can't bear it. My Marina is gone! What would I do without her? I'll be lost even a day! Please let her be okay, please bring her back.
  69. Show some dignity.
  70. Let's put it this way, Team Rocket is not known for their gentle nature.
  71. You must remain calm, man. That's the first rule of rescue operation.
  72. Shut your mouth, sissy boy!
  73. Your friends shouldn't make fun of caterpies. I used to collect them and they are very sweet creatures.
  74. Marina, I am coming to save you!
  75. Don't come back..
  76. It's not a matter of if we get Raikou, it's the matter of when.
  77. Thank you, Beedrill.
  78. Show them whose sky it is.
  79. Are you sure you're okay?
  80. Excuse me, are you forgetting something? It seems it's I who broke your fall.
  81. Well, it's my pleasure Marina. Any time you gotta fall, you let me know and I'll be there to cushion the landing.
  82. We can't protect you, you have to run!
  83. This is remarkable, Raikou has figured out how to disable that crystal's control unit.
  84. If they can't control the crystal, they are done.
  85. I think Raikou come to save us.
  86. Well that is so sweet, it's just about to melt my little heart.
  87. We have science on our side. We don't just rely on brute strength and wild instincts. That is why our legend will last forever.
  88. That legend is going to be over before it starts.
  89. There will only be one legend born today, the legend of three great Pokémon trainers!
  90. Don't waste your brain lower, you're just gonna get headache.
  91. It's almost like the law of physics, the perfect plan cannot be foiled.
  92. That's who we are and that's all we have been. A go for it, all or nothing kind of team!
  93. Now what to do? Protect your trainers or continue to try to save Raikou?
  94. You rock and you rule!
  95. It's not possible. It's the ultimate system, it's no way can be defeated!
  96. Raikou, thank for saving us!


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