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Japanese title: ポケットモンスター THE ORIGIN 
(Poketto Monsutā Ji Orijin)

Other titles: 宠物小精灵 THE ORIGIN, 神奇宝贝 THE ORIGIN, 포켓몬스터 THE ORIGIN,
 Pokémon Les Origines, Pokémon Le Origini, Pokémon Los Orígenes.

Comments on Movie: Pokémon Origins (2013)
"The Best Thing to Happen to Pokemon in Too Long; Something fresh and different in the franchise which is a breath of fresh air." - Jordan, The Artifice.

"It gives the viewer a nice quick trip down memory lane." - Tom & Linny, IGN Blogs.

"This is pretty much, what everyone wanted from a Pokémon anime since the beginning, it has awesome action, great animation, fantastic music, and it's just damn fun to watch." - Wamahato, ScrewAttack.

"A true video games to film kind of movie. So awesome and epic that we certainly needed more of these!" - Rosalyn Lim.

Pokémon Origins (2013) Trailer

Pokémon Origins (2013) at a glance
Pokémon Origins (2013) is the fourth Pokémon TV special, a co-production between OLM, Inc, Production I.G. and Xebec. Split into four parts, it is directed by four different directors from the aforementioned studios; Itsuro Kawasaki, Yukio Kuroda, Hideya Takahashi and Daiki Tomiyasu. It is based on characters and settings from the first video game installments of the Pokémon series, Pokémon Red and Blue. 

Pokémon Origins (2013) Synopsis
It's back to the beginning with Pokémon Origins! This animated series tells the story of the very first Pokémon video games, Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version. A new Pokémon Trainer named Red and his arrogant rival, Blue, set out from Professor Oak's laboratory on a journey to complete the Pokédex. At first, Red doesn't really know what he's doing and finds it difficult to connect with his Charmander when they battle. But soon he meets Gym Leader Brock, who sets him on the path to win eight badges and challenge the Pokémon League!

File 1: Red (Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki)
Red, along with his rival Blue, sets out on a quest to realize Professor Oak's long-held dream of completing the Pokédex. However, his journey is not going as smoothly as he would like. Blue seems to be more gifted, and Red is struggling to keep up. Can Red learn quickly enough to make it as a Pokémon Trainer? How will he win his first Gym Badge at the Pewter City Gym?

File 2: Cubone (Directed by Yukio Kuroda)
At the Pokémon Center in Lavender Town, Red overhears talk of a ghost appearing in the Pokémon Tower and decides to investigate. Before doing so, he is advised to visit the Pokémon House. Here, he learns of a baby Cubone's ordeal at the hands of an evil organization known as Team Rocket. Who are these villains, and what is behind the haunting at the Pokémon Tower?

File 3: Giovanni (Directed by Hideya Takahashi)
Red arrives in Saffron City to find Team Rocket’s fingerprints on everything. When he rescues a Silph Co. secretary, he learns that Team Rocket has taken over the company! This stems from their desire to get their hands on the Master Ball, the ultimate Poké Ball that has been in development for years. However, one more surprise lies in wait for Red at Viridian City, and this may be the biggest one yet!

File 4: Charizard (Directed by Daiki Tomiyasu)
After defeating the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau, Red is finally ready to challenge the Champion and take his strength to the next level. Little does he realize that the new Champion is his old rival Blue! The battle that ensues is the fiercest they've had yet. And even more surprises lie ahead for Red as he searches for a mysterious new Pokémon and challenges new frontiers!

Movie Review: Pokémon Origins (2013)

Professor Oak.

Are you a boy or are you a girl? Whichever you are, both new and existing Pokémon fans will find it amusing to watch Pokémon Origins (2013) because it is a lot of fun! Not only exceptionally hilarious, the animated special is also nostalgic as it is entirely based on the characters and settings from the first video game installments of the Pokémon series! 

Here's some why you will love Pokémon Origins (2013) and have a great time watching it! 

Red and Blue.

Firstly, there are so much references to the game which is quite unusual and unexpected. Secondly, it feels like playing a Gameboy Color by Nintendo which is creative. Then, a lot of the music, dialogues and scenes are adapted from the games; they are just so priceless! Most of all, it is entertaining to watch the rivalry and friendship between the main characters Red and Blue as each have their own distinctive personality and boyish charm!

Red and his Charmander!

Since the animated special is split into four parts and directed by four different anime directors, I have four mini review for each of these too!

Blue's Squirtle.

The first part, File 1: Red, is about the beginning of Red's and Blue's Pokémon journey. My first impression was a wow as the games are seemingly coming to life! However as the animated special progresses, I realised that it isn't just that. This is seriously a comedy aimed to entertain, it is full of inside joke that Pokémon fans would find them damn funny most of the time but humourous or not, Pokémon Origins (2013) is certainly a tribute to all Pokémon fans!


The second part, File 2: Cubone, is about Red's adventure in one of the towns he visited. Many days have passed since the first part but it does follows the storyline or gameplay. Fortunately, it is still as funny but what's more is that this part is quite heartwarming; there are some aww moments and the relationships between people and Pokémon shown here are just so sentimental. Thus, if you wanted to watch something uplifting with a hilarious plot, this is it!

Elite Four, Lance.

The third part, File 3: Giovanni, is an interesting arc featuring the Team Rocket's Boss. It is a dramatic one. Although this part also means Pokémon Origins (2013) is coming to an end soon, it is quite satisfying because there are intense actions and a plenty of wise words. You can't help but to feel happy to learn that these characters are moving on, forward!

Red's Charizard.

The fourth and last part, File 4: Charizard, is about Red challenging the Elite Four and the Champion, who happens to be his rival! I find most of the characters adorable and these two rivals especially are good-natured boys after all. Although the plot progresses pretty fast, Pokémon Origins (2013) is never boring. Like all of us who played the Pokémon games, there will always be more Pokémon, mysteries and never-ending surprises!

(The new Mega Evolution is acceptable and absolutely cool here! I think it is this animated special that made it acceptable worldwide!)

Blue's Blastoise.

Nonetheless, it would be a huge lie if I mention that there are no flaws in Pokémon Origins (2013). As I have mentioned in one of my previous movie review before; let it be a common knowledge that there is no one film that is perfect and that all of the people in the world would love it. What is perfect to me might not be perfect to you but for this one, you can trust me that it is extremely different than all of existing Pokémon films and TV anime series out there and it might just be your new favorite anime!


Of course, I won't deny that there could be some flaws such as too little screen time for each gym leaders, all 151 original Pokémon does not appear on screen and that there are certainly plenty of other towns from Kanto which it obviously does not cover but it is about 90 minutes only after all. However, Pokémon Origins (2013) truly does not disappoint because the plot is entertaining and every moment in this animated special is epic!


One note on the directors of Pokémon Origins (2013), I believe each of the directors from the different animation studio have performed well and collaborated perfectly. I did not know that it was a co-production until I read about it as everything is well thought out and the continuity is seamless! The evident is this animated special; it is not difficult to tell that their creativity and efforts have paid off! Kudos to all four of you, if you are reading this by any chance!

Wild Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave.

Ending this post, Pokémon Origins (2013) is an admirable work. It is a true video games to film kind of movie and it is so awesome and epic that we certainly needed more of these! Please create... for every generation... Arigatougozaimasu!

PS. My film blog's 72th animated feature entry and 30th listed under favorite!! Thanks for reading, everyone!! Worst to Best Pokémon films coming soon on Moviepilot!! Yay, just one left for Pokémon Movie Marathon!!

Movie Ratings
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Who will like this?
Just watch it! Pokémon Origins (2013) is a tribute to all fans, it is MADE for us. 

But if you are still unsure if you would want to watch this, worrying that it would disappoint; well I can only tell you this; Pokémon Origins (2013) easily beats all other existing Pokemon specials out there and its quality is quite high even compared to all the Pokémon movies too! 

This is also one of the only two Pokémon films that I rated nine stars.

Details of the movie
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki, Yukio Kuroda, Hideya Takahashi, Daiki Tomiyasu
Producer: Toshio Miyagawa, Takeshi Nomoto
Story: Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, Junichi Masuda
Screenplay: Mitsutaka Hirota, Kuniaki Kasahara, Satoshi Tajiri
Cinematography: Katsuaki Kamata, Takashi Aoki, Yukiko Matsumoto, Tatsumi Yukiwaki
Music: Hiroaki Hayama
Studio: OLM, Inc., Production I.G., Xebec.
Starring: Junko Takeuchi, Takuya Eguchi, Natsuki Aikawa
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Not sure.
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English
Genre: Action Adventure Family Fantasy
Running time: ~90 mins
Budget: Not sure.
Box office: N/A

Official website(s)

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OLM, Inc.
Production I.G.
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Pokémon Origins (2013) Behind the Scenes

Favorite Movie Character

Blue and his Squirtle/Blastoise!

Red and his Charmander/Charizard!

Pokémon Origins (2013) Movie Quotes
From the English dub... Compiled these myself ><
  1. Hello there, and welcome to the world of Pokemon. 
  2. My name is Professor Oak. I am often referred to as the Professor of Pokemon. There are some very interesting creatures that inhabit this world. And as you may be aware, they known all over quite simply as Pokemon. 
  3. For some people, Pokemon are pets. While other people enjoy using them for battle. We find ourselves coexisting in various styles.
  4. Are you interested in learning this Pokemon world? I will be your guide for story of dreams and adventures. Now, the world of Pokemon awakes! Let's get started!
  5. You should really be more careful.
  6. Hey there, Red. Wait a second, did Gramps called you too?
  7. It automatically records all the data on Pokemon you caught. It's a high tech encyclopedia.
  8. Science is so amazing!
  9. Red, Blue, listen. You each receive a Pokedex. I want you to do something very important. Make a complete guide to all the Pokemon in the world. That has always been my dream.
  10. Now I want the two of you to help fulfill my dream.
  11. The thing is, my dad gave me the name Red, hoping that when I grew up it will help me to have passion and the energy of red hot fire. So now I have decided that my first Pokemon should be a fire Pokemon. That would help me to live up the name that my father gave me.
  12. Blue, are you going to choose Squirtle because it's blue color, it's perfect for someone your name? 
  13. I will never choose my Pokemon for such ridiculous reason. Since Red choose fire, I will choose water!
  14. By the way, you do realise you can give your Pokemon a nickname if you so choose. 
  15. No, I think I keep the name Charmander. 
  16. Nevermind, I wouldn't want the memory of my first battle against a measly beginner like you.
  17. You are a beginner too, you know!
  18. Maybe but my ambition are far greater than yours! Now that I have this Squirtle, you'll see! I will be the best Pokemon trainer in the whole world!
  19. It's okay to aim high but don't forget my request!
  20. Leave it all to me, I got it covered.
  21. He's your grandson after all, professor.
  22. Oh great. The data isn't recorded unless I catch it.
  23. You're mine this time!
  24. You wanna try to battle my Pokemon?
  25. What's with you? Trying to catch someone else's Pokemon. You're a thief!
  26. Have your Pokemon gotten any stronger yet?
  27. Look Blue, my goal isn't trying to make my Pokemon stronger. All I really want to do is complete the Pokedex. 
  28. I have never seen such a weak trainer before. I am way too strong and awesome too. 
  29. Not in sync? That's a lie!
  30. The strength of the Pokemon, is proportional to its trainer's power. 
  31. Gym leaders are very experienced at Pokemon battles. You could learn a lot from them. Though, they only willing to battle with people who really want to learn.
  32. If you want to visit the gyms, then first think about this; what battling Pokemon is really all about?
  33. Once you have more than six Pokemon, other Pokemon you catch will automatically sent to the PC. 
  34. The journey is long, don't push yourself too hard.
  35. Did you hear about the Gym Leader Brock? He quickly demolished the Pokemon trainer who was trying to defeat all the gyms. 
  36. That's because the Pewter City's Gym Leader Brock is super famous!
  37. You want to battle against Brock now? You are a million light years away from being ready for that.
  38. I was told to learn the basics of battles from gym leaders. 
  39. Don't talk like that to a gym leader!
  40. Do you have the answer for what I ask?
  41. To be honest, no. But it's because I don't have one that I come here.
  42. You don't seem to have learnt anything. 
  43. I pretty sure I asked you if you understood Pokemon types and characteristics. Pokemon types all match up in different ways. 
  44. You do have other Pokemon available, don't you?
  45. Battling while switching Pokemon is a legitimate battling style. 
  46. It's super effective!
  47. Onix be defeated? It won't. I believe in Onix.
  48. I am getting exhausted and I have no idea why. Not only that, I feel that I am also taking damage. 
  49. Pokemon are not tools for battle. They are partners! My Pokemon and I are battling together. I can't believe I can't notice such simple thing as that.
  50. That badge is proof that you beat me. The boulder badge. 
  51. You realised that you have just started walking the path of Pokemon trainer. It's not an easy path, that to be sure. 
  52. Although he is clumsy ever since he is a young boy, he hated to lose but he is honest and he will learn from those around him, grow stronger. I believe he will make a good Pokemon trainer. I only hope Blue will grow along with Red. Unlike Red, he is too good which makes him a little arrogant. 
  53. I will get strong, much stronger and I will make Professor Oak's dream finally come true. I will complete the Pokedex! 
  54. I bought a Magikarp using some of my hard earned prize money.
  55. I battle a bunch of opponents, including this one super nerd in Mt. Moon.
  56. Even though my Pokemon are rather at a disadvantage, we were able to beat the Water Gym and receive the Cascade badge from the Cerulean City Gym Leader, Misty!
  57. Charmander gradually leveled up and evolve into Charmeleon at last!
  58. In between battles, I received an old rod from the fishing guru. 
  59. The Pokemon battle with the Vermillion Gym Leader Lt. Surge was tough but I manage to defeat it and got a Thunder Badge! 
  60. Welcome to our Pokemon Center!
  61. I haven't seen it myself but everyone is talking about it. 
  62. Do you believe in ghost?
  63. I want to thank you for waiting. Your Pokemon are fighting fit.
  64. I have no idea there are so many abandoned Pokemon. 
  65. You should talk to the founder of the Pokemon House. His name is Mr. Fuji. He says that lots of people around the world think of Pokemon nothing more than tools or even some kind of accessories. Did you know that this house was actually used to be Mr. Fuji's own home? He remodeled like this so we would have the facility just for the Pokemon. 
  66. It's a Baby Cubone. It's only friendly to Mr. Fuji but it's very nervous around everyone else.
  67. Because of Team Rocket, Cubone lost its mother, Marowak.
  68. He must have gone there to convince the Team Rocket to leave the Pokemon tower.
  69. I hope I could possibly learn everything I can from Mr. Fuji.
  70. It was unbelievably scary!
  71. Mr. Fuji went to the base to protect all of us. Are you saying we should abandon him?
  72. You? You are just a child. Even the adults here didn't have the strength to beat the Team Rocket!
  73. Well, I am pretty confident about my skills in Pokemon battles!
  74. I said I would go but now that I am here, it's scarier than I thought!
  75. Can't believe they think there is a ghost in here. I mean, just the fact Team Rocket took over this place. Anyone with any brains would all realise they made up the stories just to scare people away.
  76. The genius Blue will finally reveal Team Rocket's sneaky tricks and then kick them out of here for good! Soon my name will hold a special place in the history of Lavender Town!
  77. You run if you want to! I can't! I can't run away!
  78. A human opponent? Now that I can handle!
  79. Get out! Leave this place!
  80. All this time it was worried about its baby!
  81. I see the Marowak's restless spirit finally found that peace it desperately sought!
  82. I came here to pay my respect for my Clefairy! I just can't stop crying though!
  83. My Growlithe! I miss you so much! Why did you have to..
  84. Unfortunately, I fear your quest to complete the Pokedex may fail without love for Pokemon!
  85. These stones don't have any value as gems. You will find out soon enough!
  86. Hey Red! I guess you owe me one!
  87. Thanks to me getting the Silph Scope, you are able to unveal the true identity of the ghost!
  88. Which one of us said "Hey Red! Let's get out of here. Come on, let's run away!"
  89. Your ears are playing tricks on you!
  90. I don't think so, I actually hear loud and clear!
  91. I did not say such a thing! You hear me? I didn't say that!
  92. I continued my journey to complete the Pokedex and racking up a lot of adventures along the way!
  93. Oh dear... I must have dozed off.
  94. Snorlax wake up!
  95. After going through so many Pokemon battles, my Charmeleon finally evolve into Charizard! How cool is that!
  96. The Masterball is the ultimate Pokeball. It's been in development in Silph for years now. With the Masterball, you can catch any Pokemon at all!
  97. They are using wild Pokemon in their experiments. 
  98. They conduct tests after tests and many Pokemon already collapse!
  99. Why can't you wait until the police come?
  100. Cause if I did, the Pokemon will continue to suffer! I am not waiting!
  101. This is Lapras, a very clever Pokemon. It is a very strong swimmer and you can ride on its back over the seas. 
  102. I won't let you get away from hurting all the Pokemon just so you can have the Masterball yourself!
  103. A proposition? You force your way in here!
  104. Team Rocket's fantastic plan is ruined by a kid like you. 
  105. I don't care what I have to do and how long it takes! I will destroy your lousy plans every single time!
  106. Trust me, he is not just a boy. He is an insolent punk who grits on my every nerve.
  107. Why are you doing this? Why are you making so many Pokemon suffer?
  108. Pokemon are nothing but a business. And what is needed to succeed? Sacrifice! And that is why we must not fail. Business must succeed at any cost.
  109. Pokemon aren't tools to be use for business. They are our friends!
  110. And you continue to let your friends to feel the pain of battle and suffering defeat. 
  111. A child like you cannot even begin to understand what I hope to achieve.
  112. I have had psychic powers since I was a child. I first learned to bend spoons with my mind.
  113. Feel free to choose whichever one you like!
  114. The Viridian City Gym Leader! The strongest of all gym leaders! I have to meet him. I am sure he will be able to teach me what I need to know to be a great trainer!
  115. Red! You are just getting here now? As slow as ever I see!
  116. He was no match to my genius! Well, I am sure it's impossible for you to win in there but I guess you gotta try!
  117. You are not a Gym Leader! You can't be! This isn't right. The gym leaders I met up until now were all... sure they did things differently and they all have different personalities and attitudes, they even battle differently too. But even so, there is one thing that every one of them have in common, and that was how much they love their Pokemon! There wasn't even one of them who only thought of Pokemon as tool for business! The way that you do! I won't accept this. I won't believe you are the strongest gym leader! I refuse!
  118. The truth of the matter is, I don't need you to accept it. But what do you plan to do about it? Are you going to battle me?
  119. But be aware this is not a challenge to a gym leader. I challenge the enemy of all Pokemon!
  120. Another boy about your age came to this gym just yesterday. He too was arrogant. But he has the potential far outstrip any other Pokemon trainer I have faced.
  121. I decided to go ahead and accept that boy's challenge. I did so as a gym leader. That's not the case with you.
  122. Why do I get agitated with this boy. Just like at the Silph company. What is about it facing him that makes me lose control?
  123. Looks like you at least learnt better than try to prove brute strength of Charizard against every opponent.
  124. I am disappointed. 
  125. Disappointed? Why? What is this feeling of frustration. He is just another beginner!
  126. Difference between our Pokemon's level is simply too great!
  127. This excitement. I feel this before! A long time ago!
  128. I have battled gym leaders and countless other trainers up until now. I have seen how they have cared for and love their Pokemon. These badges here are the proof I understand how the gym leaders feel and that I carry them within me!
  129. I won't lose to you, not to a person like you! This Pokemon here is the proof of how far I have come!
  130. I was once like this boy. Even I once love Pokemon over all else. When did it all change?
  131. It can't be. Its HP is zero?
  132. Send words to all of our divisions. As of now, Team Rocket is officially disbanded. Get the word out to every one of our members. Their work is done now. 
  133. Take this badge and continue to aim for greater heights. 
  134. If you wish to complete the Pokedex, you realise that you will have to be the strongest. Your path ahead is full of strong Pokemon, that will not be defeated through normal measures. It will be impossible for you unless you are as strong as the Pokemon League Champion!
  135. Move forward. Take the path I did not. You will find the way. 
  136. I will also move forward. I will try to find a new path for myself and my Pokemon.
  137. I made it through Victory Road!
  138. Make sense though right? I am always one step ahead of you from the very beginning. 
  139. While I was working on my Pokedex, I searched every where for the perfect Pokemon. I specifically look for those team that can beat any Pokemon type. Now, I stand right here at the top of the Pokemon league.
  140. I am the most powerful trainer in the world!
  141. It's different this time! Just watch!
  142. My Blastoise won't be taken down that easily!
  143. I just don't understand how I lost.
  144. I came to congratulate you!
  145. What a shame, Blue. Once I heard that you have beaten the Elite Four, I decided that I should come. But by the time I have arrived, you have already lost.
  146. You took too long to get here!
  147. The reason you lost is you forgot to treat your Pokemon with trust and love!
  148. This floor is where we honour and record the valiant efforts of the Pokemon League Champions and their Pokemon who have fought so hard!
  149. You see Red, this area is more commonly known as the Pokemon Hall of Fame!
  150. You fought well and with great honour to achieve what you have. Be proud of that!
  151. I won't bring shame to the title of Pokemon League Champion!
  152. I may have be the champion but my travels are far from over.
  153. Do me a favor and keep it down, my head is gonna split open!
  154. Hey Red, you absolutely positive you got all of them? Then how do you explain that I got beaten by a Pokemon who is not in this Pokedex? That's pretty strange!
  155. It's beyond even us!
  156. It's an old tale now but Dr. Fuji was once said to be the world's foremost scholar in Pokemon research. 
  157. Even a legendary Pokemon doesn't stand a chance.
  158. If the legend is true, then the power sleeps within the two stones that I gave him should appear; Mega Evolution!
  159. Mewtwo was created from a Pokemon called Mew. Wasn't that what they said?
  160. That mean Mew's still out there!


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