Pokémon Personality Quiz: Which Eevee Are You?

Seven simple questions; Nine possible results!
Fellow eevee family and eeveelution lovers, this is made for you!

イーブイ Eevee's personality.

シャワーズ Vaporeon's personality.

サンダース Jolteon's personality.

ブースター Flareon's personality.

エーフィ Espeon's personality.

ブラッキー Umbreon's personality.

リーフィア Leafeon's personality.

グレイシア Glaceon's personality.

ニンフィア Sylveon's personality.

I wrote all these myself and I hope you like it!!
Official Pokémon Artwork by Ken Sugimori!!

Btw, the quiz result can be shared on Facebook & Twitter.
You can click on the eeveelution result photos above to enlarge them too!

Have fun!! 

Pokémon Personality Quiz: Which Eevee Are You? by Rosalyn Lim 林惠美 via Moviepilot


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