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"Roughly four to five years in the making, the film was surprisingly good, and showed at the 2010 Manila film festival. Any Pinoy fan of animation should definitely give it a watch." - TV Tropes.

"The film never set out to capture a mass audience, never tried to cater to the whims of the abstract many. But it deserves everybody's attention." - Philbert Ortiz Dy, ClickTheCity.

"RPG Metanoia's greatest asset is that it satisfies itself with telling its story with refreshing simplicity." - Oggs Cruz, Lessons From the School of Inattention.

"It is made out of praiseworthy intentions and it tackles present time life issues in an imaginative way." - Rosalyn Lim

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RPG Metanoia (2010) is Philippine's first fully digital animated feature directed by Luis C. Suárez. The animated feature is a collaboration of Ambient Media, Thaumatrope Animation, Star Cinema and ABS-CBN. It won the titles 3rd Best Picture, Best Original Theme Song and Best Sound Recording in 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival and Best Sound at the 2011 Film Academy of the Philippines Awards.

Luis C. Suárez was inspired when he visited his nephew one summer. His nephew only wanted to play online RPG games when the director asked him what he wanted to do. The director then spent the whole day with his nephew in a Internet café and the idea of this animated feature was conceived after; he wanted to make a story for his nephew to realise what he was missing in life. This animated feature took nearly 5 years to complete.

RPG Metanoia (2010) Synopsis
Nico is an avid player of the incredibly popular MMORPG Metanoia, where he plays as the wandering vagabond Zero. Unfortunately, that's the only thing he does well, but he doesn't let that stop him from enjoying the game with his friends; that is, until he's forced to realize just how much he's missing out on life in the real world. Worse yet, a malignant virus begins to spread around Metanoia, and Nico may be the only one capable of stopping it...

Movie Review: RPG Metanoia (2010)

Nico and his friends.

RPG Metanoia (2010) is a quite a special one. It is made out of praiseworthy intentions and it tackles present time life issues in an imaginative way. An interesting slice of life film largely about game addictions, this animated feature allows us to see some culture and daily lives of Filipino through the child gamers.

Select screen caps shared by Thaumatrope Animation.

Regarding the animation, it is pretty decent as the first (full CG) in Philippines. The creators of this animated feature are realistic in their visual and demographic choices yet still able to maintain the charms of its people. Although the depictions of game addicts could be an exaggeration, it is quite original and amusing to watch.

One of the international servers and game location, reunification bridge.

What's more interesting is that there are many other characters, not just these child gamers. Some of their parents including their older friends are involved in some ways and there are also plenty of other symbolic characters from the game servers in the animated feature itself such as the Koreans and virtual pets.

May and the boys.

Another thing I can't help to notice aside from the message of this animated feature is that the minority, female characters does stand out even though at first RPG Metanoia (2010) seems to be a male-only; most of the characters are male and only wanted to play MMORPG games, especially the latest one! 

Playing outdoor.

May, the only girl in the group is quite friendly to play with the boys outdoor and even helped Nico to be confident to play outside more, effectively reducing his game addiction. Nico's mother is also lovely and encouraging; I think she says a lot of wise stuffs as well but I have no idea what due to language issues and it is based on my own comprehension, of course.

RPG Metanoia.

In the end, RPG Metanoia (2010) is satisfying as it has a sweet story with a great concept. Learning what's important and what you could be missing in life is certainly one of the best, if not the best message you can get out of movie. If you wanted to watch something foreign and different than the ordinary, you can consider giving this animated feature a chance as it is not bad! 

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People who enjoy slice of life, video game or Filipino culture films!

Details of the movie
Director: Luis C. Suárez
Producer: Rob Chien, Charles A. Rapoport, Charo Santos-Concio, Malou N. Santos, Lelette Bontia, Ann Gatmaytan, Ned Villarama
Story: Luis C. Suárez
Screenplay: Luis C. Suárez, Jade Castro, Tey Clamor
Cinematography: Not sure.
Music: Ria Osorio, Gerard Salonga
Studio: Thaumatrope Animation, Ambient Media
Starring: Zaijan Jaranilla, Aga Muhlach, Eugene Domingo, Vhong Navarro
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Star Cinema
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino
Genre: Adventure Drama
Running time: 105 mins
Budget: USD 2,300,000 est.
Box office: USD 750,000 est.

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Favorite Movie Character
May! She's the most mature-minded one among them all and quite pretty, lol!

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