Here's A Major Announcement!

Hello May!
Wow, it's May already and on the 5th, it is Rosalyn Blog's first anniversary! This might be crazy but I am still eager to complete my personal mission which is discovering and exploring all animated movies that ever existed when I have the time but there are over 1,500 animated features in the world! You might wonder why but let's not talk about that for now! 

At This Point!
I really wonder if I can do that as well as writing about them within a few years because there are so many and in this one year, I only manage to write about ~5% of them. I have intention of posting at least 180 at first, but really, 87 is the best I can do even though I have a few more in drafts that could push up that total. Anyway, realistically speaking even if I can do 100 a year, I can't be doing this during my free time for 15 years+, right?! 

I actually can't believe I did this for a year whenever I could. All those entries are meant to be my personal note but I truly do put effort in making them readable for all of you. It is super awesome to know nearly or even more than 90% of you readers found this film blog through search engines like Google but what's a little sad is that most of you never bothered to give me feedback on what you like about this film blog even though I have tried asking your opinions so I have an announcement to make! 

Fear Not, I Am Not Closing This Blog!
This film blog will continue to be my personal note but my entries won't be the same anymore starting with French Animation which I will try to post later this month at a much slower rate. I thought, since no one is criticising or even motivating me, maybe I should change my thoughts and plans for this film blog. Don't worry, I am not depressed about anything regarding this film blog nor I am regretful for doing this because along the way I also found my favorite site ever. You should know which one by now and honestly I feel so much happier writing at Moviepilot

Life Is Short Yet It Moves So Fast.
Thus, personal stuffs and goals aside, I will spend some of my free time into writing more "movie things" on Moviepilot and making videos on Youtube!! This is really it, I should not hesitate anymore. I can't wait to post some vlogs and hopefully short films soonest possible!!

I Just Want To Do What I Love To Do.
In a way, I am just pleasing myself but honestly I truly enjoy making films. Sadly, self-video is the only kind of video I could create for now and I think I should just do what I can. Thanks for reading all these while, you might be able to see me soon!!

Got to go now, I hope you'll join me on my new adventure and that's all for today!! ^-^

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