Rosalyn's Blog: June 2015

70 Useless Minions Spoilers!

Hello all, I have just posted 70 Useless Minions Spoilers on Moviepilot. Check it out. Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy it! More updates coming soon. Take care!

70 Useless Minions Spoilers includes:
  • Spoilers for Scarlet Overkill
  • Spoilers for Herb Overkill
  • Things That Hurt
  • Minion Kevin's Spoilers
  • Minion Stuart's Beloved Items
  • Minion Bob's Spoilers
  • Creatures other than human and minions
  • Strong, Strong Spoiler Alert.
  • Spoiled Foodporn
Stay tuned for the Minions (2015) movie review!

Useless Spoilers Series:
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Disney Personality Quiz: Which Fairy Are You?

The latest personality quiz in town... Disney Personality Quiz: Which Fairy Are You?!

Five questions and nine possible fairy results...
Made this for Disney Fairies fans!!

Click on the picture to enlarge!

Tinker Fairy, Disney Fairy Tinker Bell's Personality.

Pirate Fairy, Disney Fairy Zarina's Personality.

Water Fairy, Disney Fairy Silvermist's Personality.

The Fastest Fairy, Disney Fairy Vidia's Personality.

Light Fairy, Disney Fairy Iridessa's Personality.

Garden Fairy, Disney Fairy Rosetta's Personality.

Animal Fairy, Disney Fairy Fawn's Personality.

Frost Fairy, Disney Fairy Periwinkle's Personality.

The Fairy Queen, Disney Fairy Queen Clarion's Personality.

Photos from Official Disney Fairy!! 

Have fun and I hope you like it!! 

Hello June!

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Next posts would probably be on Jurassic Park Jurassic World (Yes, I have seen it!!), Minions and maybe some Disney Quizzes if I have the time to create them!! Stay tune!!

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