Rosalyn's Blog: July 2015

More Movie Things!

Hey ;) Just a quick update.

Here are some of my random posts from last week for MPU. *Deprived of time* T_T
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  1. I can’t believe there are so many Lucy(s) but which one of them is the most popular?
  2. Pokémon Crystal with Nurse Joy and Cyndaquil: Twenty Questions to Celebrate #20YearsOfPokémon
  3. I Bet You Can't Guess These 10 Movie Titles...Cleverly Disguised as Emojis!
  4. Studio Ghibli: The Tale of Princess Kaguya is not your average flick.
  5. How Do People With Phobias Cope With Movies They Are Afraid Of?
This week's will be better.. Stay tuned and take care!

So While I Was Away For A Month

Slow but Steady ❤️
This is just for my own records, just in case I'd like to track or monitor in the future... ^^

Google+ views - 10million to 13million
Moviepilot views - 175k~180k to 198k
Blogger views - 5Xk to 61k
Not bad huh..for complete inactivity for the blogs. *-*

Update(s) about me..
Well, there's always something new and unexpected so I am not sure where to start. Nonetheless, everything's good, I was traveling for a bit & will travel again next month! ^^

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I think something exciting is coming up!! ;)

I am doing my best according to the situation everyday. <3

Minions (2015)

Meet Stuart, Kevin & Bob ... Go Back To Where It All Begin.
Minions (2015) Poster

Other title: Mimoni, Minionki, Los Minions, Миньоны.

Comments on Movie: Minions (2015)
"A letdown as it is not as exciting." - Rosalyn Lim.