9 Selected Movie-Related Articles For You!

Try guessing all of these Disney Princesses using the Emoji clues given!

Hey guys! I am travelling again tonight! Before I go, here's a quick list of articles, quizzes and movie reviews that I have posted recently on Moviepilot!
  1. OMG, This Fan Artist Has Created Pokemon That Actually Look So REAL!
  2. I Bet You Can't Guess These Disney Princesses Using the Emoji Clues... Unless You Are a Disney Super-Fan!
  3. Dragon Ball Quiz: Which Super Saiyan Are You?
  4. Studio Ghibli: I Seriously Thought "When Marnie Was There" Was a Lesbian film! 
  5. Pokémon XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV Trailer Out Now!
  6. Zac Efron Lookalike Shocks Families With His Experiment!
  7. Attack on Titan Quiz: Which Titan Are You?
  8. 'Song of the Sea' shows that Irish animation is world class! 
  9. 3 Awesome Animated Movies That Could End Even the Worst Sibling Rivalries!
All of the above are a part of Moviepilot University's program. Enjoy! #MPU

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