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Favorite Animated Feature Entries:

01. A-1 Pictures (9+ films)

02. Blue Sky Studios (8+ films)

10. Laika Entertainment (4+ films)

11. Madhouse (44+ films)
12. Melodrama Pictures (1 film)

13. Nickelodeon Movies (9+ films)
14. OLM, Inc (25+ films)

15. Paramount Animation (1+ film)
16. Pixar (14+ films)
17. Reel FX Creative Studios (2+ films)

18. Shin-Ei Animation (23+ films)
19. Sony Pictures Animation (7+ films)
20. Studio Ghibli (20+ films)

21. Toei Animation (230+ films)
22. Various Chinese Animation Studios (66+ films)
23. Various Filipino Animation Studios (4+ films)

24. Various Thai Animation Studios (7+ films)

25. Various Other Animation Studios (265+ films)

This masterlist only lists feature length animated films that has been theatrically released, broadcast on television, released as direct-to-video and/or screened in film festivals. This means the total number of films listed may not represent the complete works of the studios as I compiled these myself based on what I know and they may have also produced other types of feature films which are not included in the list above. However, live action-animation hybrid films that are more inclined to animation are included.