Old Stuffs About Me

This is a messy page I tell you. D;

Short Description ~Oct 2014
Sagittarius. Talent.
Moviepilot Creator & IMDb Contributor.
Film lover.
Non-stop Animated Movie Marathon.

~May 2014

Who are you?
Hello! I am Rosalyn! I am a Chinese girl who's still learning about herself and life.
If you love to read and watch movies, we are friends by default. ><

What do you do in life?
This is rather difficult to answer but I am currently a student. Almost graduate.
I have some experience in theatre acting, emcee, TV commercial and film production.
My pathway is film industry and that's all you should know for now. *wink*

What are your main interests?
There are numerous but some of them includes but does not limit to Reading, Writing, Thinking, Learning, Analysing, Acting, Film, Music, Literature, Linguistics, Travel, People, History, Culture, etc.

Rosalyn's Animated Movie Marathon/Feature Film Reviews?
This is purely my self-interest. I'll write and explain more about this at a later date. As of now, I do not review films other than animated features except premiere screenings of the films I get invited to. Reasons because I would like to cover all of the 700+ films I've listed in my Masterlist and I am serious about it. It will take a lot of time cause aside from this personal film blog project of mine, I also have plenty of real life pursuits and responsibilities. I am always preoccupied and I love to stay busy.

Worldwide Giveaway Event
I always have plans to throw these personalized events on my blog for film lovers.
You can read about them here.

What is this blog about?
I hope to bring movie lovers around the globe together! *Non-stop animated movie marathon!*
Sincerely hopes, whoever you are, meet a new love or an interesting, foreign movie from my blog!

The main purpose of this blog is writing down before I forget. It is a personal blog but I also hope that people would enjoy reading it. Feel free to leave suggestions, comments and critics!

I am still setting up my blog but I intend to write about what I've learned about myself and from life; so for now, the main contents of my blog is animated feature films! 

Therefore, it is mostly to help people to meet a good film *animation for now*, to support film industry, to encourage people to spend more time on watching films rather than other types of entertainment *lol* and for myself - discovering myself, lifelong learning and self development!

I can't write much for this section as I am currently priotising my animated film contents and is also quite busy in real life! Please come back again later for this part! ^_~

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